Gadget Detected is startup news blog that aims to cover electronic goods news, rumors, and publish the best deals regard them. Founded in November 2015 by Jurgen Qatipi and Bledar Memishaj, the blog aims to make its way to news media establishment.

Gadget Detected dedicates its self to covering news, rumors, and deals related to smart phones, laptop computers, tablet computers, wearable devices, startup products, crowdfunding products, and their accessories.

Gadget Detected team is relatively small while the tech industry is gigantic, to keep readers up to date with the latest tech events and products we attend to provide news only to those products we find to be really worthy.  For example, a mobile device with one GB of RAM, 4GB of storage, 5MP and 2MP cameras launched in 2016 is not considered worthy to be featured in here. That’s not because the device its self is “bad” but because there are countless of better alternatives available.

Gadget Detected web content is free-to-read, what sponsors the content are ad networks and affiliate links which are time-to-time used on the Gadget Detected updates. Gadget Detected does not asks or forces readers to click on the affiliate or display ads, and irrelevantly clicking them doesn’t help the site’s growth at all.

Gadget Detected is always looking forward to expanding and becoming a tech news established media. This, by relying on readers and allowing them to transform into content producers. If you want to contribute for the Gadget Detected, follow the Write for Us page.

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