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Gadget Detected covers topics related to mobile phones, wearable devices, applications, firmware, startups, and more with news, opinions, and roundup articles.

After receiving multiple inquiries about the possibility of guest post submissions, I have decided to enable and accept guest authors.

GadgetDetected.com takes pride in its content being featured and cited by some of the leading outlets focused on technology with news and reviews of tech products and gadgets. TechRadar, PhoneArena, GSMArena, T3, Android Headlines, 9to5Mac, Softpedia, IBTimes, TechDroider, MobileScout, to name a few are some of the top-notch technology-focused websites that have cited or linked content from GD. We thank them for that.

To become a contributor to GD is not complicated. On the top-left side of your screen is located the sign-up/register button from where you can sign for a contributor account.

NOTE: Registering for an account and sitting down to write on whatever you might consider worthy for the audience is not what will get your submission published. Sorry, but GD is not worthy of your ingenuity, thus, if you want to write, you must drop down to our level.

How does this work?

To write for GD you are asked to drop an email containing a description of your self, some live links to your previous works and cite the subject around which you want to write. These should be sent to contact[at]gadgetdetected[dot]com. You will then be assigned a post title for your submission (which falls into the same category of the subject you listed in the email.)

The accepted subjects can fall into various categories that may not even be directly related to technology. Health, travel, sports, arts and entertainment, online privacy, fitness and more. It is extremely likely that you will be equipped with an article idea regardless of the subject you commonly cover.

If you’re certain that becoming a guest writer for GD is what you really want, you are politely asked to agree with  all the necessary requirements listed below:

  •  Send an email to contact[at]gadgetdetected[dot]com with a brief description of your self and links to previous works
  • Accept that you will write only on the titles assigned to you via an email response
  • Accept that in NO WAY will you do ANY FORM of SEO to your content pages published on GadgetDetected.com (GD hates free promotion, refusing to do so, will discredit your ownership over the content and your submission will be modified)