Google Gravity: Full list of search tricks for a better Google experience

Browsing the Internet via your favorite search engine doesn’t necessarily has to be a monotonous action. Although it may not be what’s best known for, Google comes with dozens of tricks and features that will change the way you looked at search engines.

These Google Search Tricks will send you out of space to experience zero gravity, take you in underwater trips, rotate your searches in 360-degrees and will not even dare to obey to commands if you are looking for Chuck Norris. Google Gravity and its sister forms of entertainment with Google are many in numbers, and here we’ll attempt to list all the working ones. But let’s first go back to the beginnings and tell some history.

What is Google Gravity?

Google programmed the gravity as a Javascript-based search engine trick in 2009. The Google Gravity features will make all the content on Google to fall or float based on gravitational pull. Google may not display the search result on every of these tricks as Google choose to close most of its search API’s last year.

These methods offer a different way of interacting with Google. While using them to find information may be difficult, they offer a way to trick others into believing something’s wrong with Google or with the device. Here’s the full list of Google Gravity tricks you can access.

Google Zero Gravity


Google Zero Gravity

The most impressive search trick you can apply to Google is the Google Zero Gravity. It is an amazing way to trick your grandma when searching recipes for her favorite dishes. The whole Google home page breaks down and falls at the bottom. Texts overturn and everything on the page becomes bouncy.

You can use your mouse to pick up different parts of Google and shoot them against one another. Repositioning them in a straight line at the bottom just like they were on the top proves to be quite challenging. Is a way to fool anyone by showing them how gravity breaks Google. To access it, visit Mr.Doob where the Zero Gravity by Google is hosted or by opening on your browser and typing in the search bar ‘Google Gravity.’You can either click on Google Search to find it in the regular way or the ‘I’m Feeling Lucky’ to access it instantly.

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Google Space

Google Space

If watching elements of Google falling down is not entertaining enough, then how about everything on Google stays afloat? That’s exactly what Google Anti Gravity allows you to do. Once the page is loaded, everything on it will begin a slow suspension similar to what astronauts feel in space, that’s something your friends won’t expect to be seeing when opening your computer.

Unlike the Zero Gravity, when using the Google Space trick, the content doesn’t instantly break down. It floats, and even here you can use your mouse cursor to pick up elements and shoot them against one another to activate a chain reaction of bouncing. Is, even more, fun to play it. Check it up by Mr.Doob or by Googling it.

Google Mirror

Google Mirror

Probably the most exciting Google experience you could have is to view the mirrored version of everything available on the search engine. It takes a Da Vinci Code-like touch and kind of looks like someone forgot Google in Arabic mode.

When using this trick, everything Google has is shown in a mirrored version. Google becomes elgooG, and unlike some other tricks, through this one, you can actually use the search function and have the result returned to you. It returns mirrored as well and appears on the right side of the screen. To check out a mirrored Google visit, you can prevent others or trick them into getting lost by setting this page as the default home page on your browser.

Google Underwater

Google Underwater

Google tricks are not all about gravity and space. The Google Gravity Underwater script offered by elgooG takes you on a trip beneath the ocean. If you’re not scared of getting wet, here’s what Underwater by Google can do for you.

The Google Doodle is inverted and floats along the search bar and Google buttons over the water. By tapping on the water, you can create waves that move elements and scare the fish away. Just like with other tricks, attempting to re-arrange all the items as they were, in the beginning, is impossible. But still, it worth giving a try. Experience a floating Google by visiting this link.

Google Shere

Google Sphere

One of the most incredible ways to access Google is inside a three-dimensional sphere. Google Sphere trick by Mr Doob takes the search giant inside a fast-rotating sphere that can have its spinning controlled by your mouse cursor. Based on how you move your cursor, the characters on the area will become larger or smaller, based on their location inside the invisible 3D field.

Everyone with a passion for geometry will love this. When the mouse hovers over the characters the sphere gets closer, and characters grow bigger, they move back to their place once you take the cursor away. The search result is as well provided under a spinning 3D sphere and proves to be quite a challenge to read it. Follow this link to give it a try.

Zerg Rush

Zerg Rush

Instead of having fun with customized Google interfaces, how about playing simple games on Google? The Zerg Rush is part of Google Easter Eggs, a playful series of hidden tricks to grow a healthy bond between the search giant and users.

To play this game, open and type Zerg Rush in the search bar and press Enter or click on the Search icon. Some colorful O’s will begin attacking the search result. You can kill the attacking O’s by clicking three times on each, and a counter will show you the score all the way, until the entire page goes blank. It is impossible to save the page from being erased as the O’s will be rushing down from all sides and clicking on top of moving small targets isn’t that easy as it seems.

Google Pacman

Google Pacman

On May 21, 2010, Google celebrated the thirtieth anniversary of the famous Pac-Man arcade game by releasing the playable Google Doodle Pacman. The function is still available if you type “Google Pacman” in the search bar and hit Enter or access it directly via this link.

You can enjoy the old 8-bit memory game with Mr. Pac-Man and Ms. Pac-Mac (by clicking on the Insert Coin button) and activate a multiplayer version of the game. The game starts by clicking on the maze or by moving the arrow buttons. Unlike Zerg Rush and other functions, this game doesn’t require the use of a mouse cursor. When multiplying, Ms. Pacman is controlled by WASD keys.

Google Snake Game

Google Snake Game

If Pacman isn’t old enough to return to nostalgia, then how about playing on Google the 41-year old Snake game? The very same game that popularized Nokia phones two decades ago is now playable worldwide via any browser.

The Google Snake is somehow different from the original concept you played on Nokia phones years ago or the new versions supporting smartphones. The snake won’t bite its body off, and the game will continue even when you criss-cross it over its self, you can capture foods to grow your snake by guiding it with arrow keys and avoiding touching the bombs. The Snake game by Google appears to be less difficult to play and score higher records than the classic games. Take a look at your favorite old mobile game by visiting this link.

Google Energy Saving (Blackle)

Google Energy Saving (Blackle)

Saving power and contributing to improving the environment is probably something you never considered that can be acquired by a modified use of Google. The Blackle initiative claims that its Google Power Saving engine can save big in energy, an estimate of around 750 Megawatt-hours per year.

Blackle uses a black background. The vast majority of monitors are equipped with LED backlit LCD’s that do not light up black parts of the screen. As a result, the power consumption your monitor would have with an entirely black background is much lower when compared to a standard white one. Google Custom Search powers Blackle, and its makers encourage visitors to help the cause by making it the default homepage on their browsers.  Although this might be a small step to thank mother nature for all the marvelous things it provides, it still worths trying. Save energy with Google by visiting Blackle website.

Google Guitar

Google Guitar Doodle

What became famous as Google Guitar, was the Google’s special doodle dedicated to the famous American guitarist Les Paul on his 96th birthday. Two years after his death. This doodle is Google’s way to showing tribute to the music and art in general.

But the Google Guitar Doodle is not just an animated logo (it also comes in the form of an animated logo), but instead is a fun way to play guitar online. When your mouse hovers over the strings, they are contracted and it looks like you are playing music. Sometimes the sound may not work, a way to enable sound is by disabling the flash-block plugin.

These are some melodies you can play with Google Guitar:

  • Happy BIrthday: 1-1-2-1-4-3- -1-1-2-1-5-4- -1-1-8-6-4-3-2- -8-8-7-5-6-5
  • Harry Potter: E-Y-I-U-Y-P-O-U-Y-I-U-Y-U-E
  • Forest Gump: 345535 85 3456646 65 456646 975 4345585 87 678868 686 5456646 65 456642 342 1

Epic Google

EPic Google

The Epic Google is another Custom Search-powered trick that makes elements and characters grow bigger. If Google search result figures are too small for you, the best way to enlarge them is by performing an epic search.

The Google Epic has some of the search features changed. Instead of feeling lucky, everyone there feels excessive. It doesn’t have any excessive intriguing feature, but the search button works pretty well, and some bigger characters won’t hurt anyone. Test it over here.

Weenie Google

Weenie Google

If your search result is too big, then short it down by performing it on Weenie Google. Google Weenie is the Epic Google’s little brother, and its function is to make everything appear smaller.

Once the page is opening, everything seems to be flying away. The search is based on Google’s custom search feature and not the open AI. Thus, Weenie can be used as a search engine. Although, the result does not have the same outlook to that of If size doesn’t necessarily have to be big for you, take a look at what Weenie has to offer by visiting the site here.

Google Barrel Roll

Do A Barrel Roll

Yet another fun way to entertain yourself with Google is to make it rotate the screen at 360 degrees. This function applies by searching for “do a barrel roll”. The embedded image above illustrates how it works and looks.

The fun Do A Barrel Roll query was introduced by Google in 2011 as yet just another Easter Egg. But as it proved its self for being a successful HTML5-based CSS3 effect for making Google more enjoyable, it has survived the time. To test it yourself, type the query in the search bar and follow the “I’m feeling lucky” button or hit the search button. It will make the screen spin in both use ways.

Google Rainbow

Rainbow Google easter egg

Although Google sports in years a colorful logo, it can still be colored further. With the Google Rainbow, you can add to your favorite search engine all the rainbow colors.

When opening Google in Rainbow mode, the Google Logo is surrounded by a rainbow and all the elements resemble emojis that change colors all the time. The Search button is renamed to Rainbow Search, and you will be feeling colorful. If you love feeling colorful, take a look at the Rainbow Google over here.

Google Loco

This is another anti gravity Google trick that is offered to the Spanish-speaking audience. It does the same thing as Google Gravity and can also be accessed via I’m feeling lucky button straight from the home page.

Funny Search

Google Funny Search

An amazing way to prank your friends is to allow them to use your device only for the sake of seeing your name replacing the Google logo. This is exactly what Google Funny Search does for you. It allows you to steal the design of Google and replace it with any custom text.

Besides enjoying seeing your name where a giant company usually resides, it is a great and yet simple way for anyone looking for a way to have a logo like Google. Funny Search is powered by Google Custom Search and it is entirely functional as a search engine. It is as well smart, and it will stick. To change it, click on “Set another name” button beneath the search bar. Click here If you want to try it yourself.

Tilt Google

Google Tilt

This probably is not the most extraordinary thing you can do with Google. But in case you were curious to know how will a titled Google look like, you have your answer.

Google Tilt displays the search engine in a tilted version. To check it, search for “Tilt” and click the I’m feeling lucky button. You can directly access tilted Google by following this link.

Google Terminal

Google Terminal

If you’re nostalgic for the time when the MS-DOS operating system was a thing, you can return to the past with the Google Terminal. You won’t even need a mouse to execute commands.

As a result of Google’s Search API shut down back in 2016, you can’t use the Terminal Google for browsing the web. Still, you can experience the matrix this feature puts you at. Furthermore, this is what Google in the 80s would look like. Prank your friends by sending them to an odd Google or just check the Google BBS Terminal out for the sake of curiosity by visiting this site.

Ninja Google

Ninja Google

The Google Ninja is another third-party easter egg provided by Ninja Gate. It is powered by Google’s Custom Search for a different experience with Google. By default, it comes with a black background, and similarly to Google Energy Saving, it will require less power for your monitor.

For everyone willing to try new search engines, Ninja Gate Universe comes in 64 different versions. There are different editions for each country, with search result provided in the native languages. That’s similar to what people in various places of the world interact with Google. Take a look at them by visiting this website.

Google Chuck Norris

Google Chuck Norris

Everybody knows about “Chuck Norris facts.” The hundreds of funny jokes represented as facts based on the American martial artist and actor, Chuck Norris. Everything is afraid of Chuck Norris, and he even won’t go for a walk at night because darkness is scared of him.

But that’s not all. Even Google cannot dare intimidate Chuck Norris. This prank site made by Chuck Norris fans displays a modified Google search results that read as follows:

Google won’t search for Chuck Norris because it knows you don’t find Chuck Norris, he finds you.
Your search – Chuck Norris – did not match any documents.


  • Run, before he finds you.
  • Try a different person.
  • Try someone less dangerous

Take a look at Chuck Norris Google prank here, or read around one hundred popular Chuck Norris fun facts over here.

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