Feel is the first wristband that will make you happier

Feel Wristband Red Heart model

The wearable device branded as Feel is a smart bracelet shaped similarly to any fitness tracker that tracks and measures your emotions throughout the day to provide recommendations about what could make you happier. Showcased at the CES 2016 event, the Feel has gathered on its side a high amount of techie fans.

Created by the Sentio Solutions team of developers, Feel doesn’t look different from the most of the wearable fitness trackers, but it is equipped with a package of four bio-sensors that track your heart rate via a blood volume pressure sensor, figure skin temperature, track powerful emotional changes via a galvanic skin response sensor,  monitor cardiovascular system, tracks your activity, and continuously analyzes your emotional wellness by tracking and measuring autonomic nervous system in all organs of the body.

The wristband pairs with your smartphone via Bluetooth connectivity and it delivers the collected information from the sensors to a mobile app. based in this data the app with interact with users by providing tips that usually make them feel happier, like to laugh more or meditate. If the user is overwhelmed by the stress the bracelet will vibrate in response and will provide meditation exercises or breathing guides.

The makers of the wristband claim that their “Feel” is capable of somehow understanding the unique emotional structure of individual users and improve its service to emotional wellbeing in time. The Feel wristband is not yet released for purchases, but it is available to pre-order for $149 (the retail price is $199, the first early pre-orders have a discount).

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