Phazon wireless earbuds fit everyone and never fall

Phazon wireless earbuds

Finding the earbuds that fit your ear can become challenging, to avoid the fit problem, the most of the current earbuds in the market come with plastic or foam inserts. The inserts are detachable, they are easy to lose, and as they are made of a soft plastic material they easily drop from your ear. A Montreal-based team of designers, electronic masters, and sound masters have developed the world’s first one-size-fits-all wireless earbuds, Phazon.

These earbuds allow you to listen to music of your phone’s songs on up to thirty meters of range, thanks to its Bluetooth 4.1 technology optimized with low energy function, they are comfortable, sticky to your ears and can connect with your smartwatch as well.

Thanks to its resistant features you can use the Phazon earbuds outdoors, you can even swim while listening to music or talking on a call.

Phazon comes sporting a touch-like technology where you can tap on the device to play songs, double tap to switch music, triple-tap to revert to the past song and hold your finger on it to turn the earbuds on or off. The tiny wearable is battery-powered, and it requires only 20 minutes to be 80% changed. It gets powered by a power-bank-like case that stores energy to allow you charging it on-the-go.

Phazon Wireless Earbuds Charging Case

Phazon is still a startup project where is successfully being funded on the crowdfunding site Indiegogo. From the pledge of only $80,000, its makers have successfully gathered over than $1.5 million. The press releases claimed that if the funding goes exceptionally high (as it happened), the developers will release it with an equalizer app that will use voice commands to adjust playback performance of the music. Besides this app, the Phazon features a mobile app supporting Android and iOS devices with an anti-loss sensor to prevent you from losing your phone or your pricey Phazon earbuds. Costing at $169 Phazon is set to ship by September of 2016.

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