Best smartwatch for women: Top women’s smartwatches for style and function

To be quite frank, there are not that many watches designed with feminine fashion and style for women to opt from. The vast majority of high-quality smartwatches are decidedly masculine with some manufacturers opting for a pink or gold edition of their flagships targetting women. But with most samples, women only get a pink casing on a wearable and a pink strap. The software and features remain the same.

However, despite this general lack of women-dedicated smartwatch availability, there are some quite amazing handhelds that are specifically designed to look great on a woman’s wrist. They are styled with fashion in mind and have custom watch faces that enhance general feminity of a watch and most importantly, do not lack any of the must-have features for an excellent smartwatch.

Michael Kors Access Sofie

Michael Kors Access Sofie smartwatch for women

Michael Kors women’s line of smartwatches enhance themselves by bringing together a highly-customizable design with a pavé bezel that looks great on the wrist of any girl with the high-function Wear OS by Google. Michael Kors Access Sofie sells pre-loaded with a large variety of faces that you can swap to change how the watch looks on your wrist to combine it with your clothing.

This women’s smartwatch fashionably designed by Michael Kors comes in four major models. It is available in gold, rose gold, silver, and sable-tone finishes. Each version of the watch has a single crown that executes various commands based on for how long you keep your finger pressing it down. A single press will turn on the watch, holding it for longer and then releasing will make the watch display the list of installed apps and holding it without a release will activate the Google assistant. You can also make the watch to execute a variety of tasks simply by recording particular movements of your wrist. Isn’t that awesome?

Thanks to Bluetooth connectivity, the watch can connect to both iOS and Android mobiles to display notifications. You can as well set reminders and events. It also is IP67-certified for being resistant against dust and water.

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Movado Connect

Movado Connect smartwatch for womenThe Swiss watchmakers have done outstanding work when designing their premium Connect smartwatch. Movado Connect appears as the reincarnation of the classic Museum watch equipped with the technology found in modern-day smartwatches. Its default watch face even sports the iconic dot at 12 found one Movado Museum that symbolizes the sun at high noon.

Movado Connect smartwatch besides being designed with eye-catching artistry is also one of most feature-rich watches specifically made for women. It runs Android Wear OS and has four gigs of empty storage for you to load with apps. It features a pedometer to track your activity and display it on Google Fit or any other activity recording app.

In addition, the watch supports NFC payments and is compatible for data synchronization and connection to Android and iPhone. When connected to your phone or WiFi will display important notifications and also keep you updated with what’s going up on the social media. This watch certainly wins the best design award.

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Kate Spade Scallop

Kate Spade Scallop smartwatch

Kate Spade Scallop is another smartwatch designed to enhance feminity and beauty of women and as well supply them with an infinity of stylish backgrounds and watch faces. It also brings out the most of what Android Wear 2.0 has on offer to please women.

You can make this watch do whatever you want. You can make it wink at you as a start, or set your own photo in the background. It tracks activity and lets you set up goals, lets you install third-party apps from the play store, connects to iOS and Android mobile phones, and features wireless charging.

Kate Spade Scallop has an excellent way of telling how your activity is progressing based on what your goals are. The Daisy watch face on Scallop smartwatch by Kate Spade displays daisy petals that pluck off when you reach a particular goal pre-set by you on Google Fit, whenever a petal disappears the message on the screen changes to your next goal. An excellent addition that makes exercising more fun.

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Fossil Q Venture

Fossil Q Venture smartwatch designed for women

Fossil smartwatch women’s custom design offer highlights its self with the 3rd generation of Fossil smartwatch, the Fossil Q Venture. Women’s edition of Fossil Gen 3 smartwatch come with Fossil Q Venture Luggage that has a classic and elegant bezel and leather strap, the rose gold and silver editions sporting metallic bezels and a pavé bezel that extends the placement of gemstones to the metal strap as well.

The watch features an accelerometer and gyroscope for monitoring activity and runs on the Wear OS by Google. It has four gigs of free memory for apps and other files, is compatible with Android and iOS phones and has Google Assistant pre-installed on it. When connected to a mobile phone lets you receive notifications and social media updates on your wrist and answer to phone calls. There as well are custom watch faces for you to opt from.

The watch is a relatively basic Android Wear smartwatch as it doesn’t have a GPS sensor of its own and doesn’t track your heart rate. But it still is a great looking watch every girl would find fancy to wear on their wrist.

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Emporio Armani Connected

Emporio Armani Connected_Hybrid Smartwatch For Women

Emporio Armani Connected is a hybrid smartwatch, thus it lacks the main features of a typical smartwatch but it still sports one of the most beautiful designs in a watch ever. The watch is as well quite durable to water and dust, it has a certification for being resistant up to a depth of 30 meters of water. Its water resistance stands for the watch not becoming dysfunctional when exposed to rain or sweat. If you are looking for a watch that you can take to the pool, take a look at these top watches for swimming.

As a hybrid watch, it has a longer battery lifespan that can extend for months in end. It still connects to your smartphone and displays notifications from the phone to your wrist. It also lets you control music. The watch continuously tracks your activity and sleep and displays all the records to your phone once you wirelessly connect it to one.

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Michael Kors Access Bradshaw

Michael Kors Access Bradshaw smartwatch for women

This Android smartwatch for women does have limited features but it is designed with fashion in mind by Michael Kors. It rates as one of the most elegant smartwatches a woman can opt from. Also, it sells relatively cheaper and heavier than the Sofie edition and the best alternative to it.

Featuring a stainless steel body design, the watch comes in various colors that include gold, rose gold and silver. It has many custom faces for a fancier outlook and connects to Android and iPhone to display notifications. Unfortunately, the watch does not connect on its own to the Internet and it is quite basic on tech features. It is highlighted by the pre-installed Google Assistant that allows you to control the watch by voice and the support of responding to phone calls from your wrist.

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Marc Jacobs Riley Touchscreen

Marc Jacobs Riley Touchscreen smartwatch for women

Riley Touchscreen by Marc Jacobs is another smartwatch for women that sports a brilliant and elegant design. The watch has a black color where the bezel and the strap are all dark and white and cement editions where the bezel remains in golden color for both versions. The crown on the watch is brilliantly designed in a circular form and it executes various control functions to the watch.

It has all the functions of a basic Wear smartwatch with activity tracking support via Google Fit, a built-in virtual assistant, and compatibility to iOS and Android devices. It doesn’t really have much in terms of tech support, but you still get the standard functionalities.

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Misfit Path

Misfit Path hybrid smartwatch for women

We’re back again to hybrid smartwatches for women. Misfit Path is another tremendously good-looking watch, furthermore, it is one of the very few smartwatches for women that are suitable for swimming. As it obtains a certification where the handheld is said to resist water pressure of 50 meters of water.

Like the rest of watches appearing on this listing, it also connects to mobile phones and equips sensors that allow it to constantly monitor your sleep and daily activities. When synced to a smartphone you’ll be shown charted reports of the intensity of your fitness and an estimation of calorie burn throughout the day. Swimming is also part of supported activities by the timepiece.

The overall design is outstandingly great, this watch lacks the classic crown and instead comes with two physical buttons on the side of the circular bezel. Misfit Path hybrid watch comes in rose tone, champagne, silver, and a fourth edition where it blends together gold and silver colors on its bezel and buttons.

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Skagen Falster

Skygen Falster smartwatch for women

Skygen Falster is another great alternative connected watch for women. It has a compact and circular design with a crown on the side. It runs on Android Wear and is compatible with Android and iOS handsets.

In tech features, there’s not that much to talk about. It is quite basic in truth. The activity tracking support is mainly provided by an estimation based on pedometric data and other important things such as on-map navigation and distance tracking are recorded only when the watch is connected to a smartphone that has a built-in GPS. Wireless charging might be something that makes this watch stand out.

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Pebble Time Round

Pebble Time Round smartwatch


Pebble Time Round is the top women’s design smartwatch in Pebble’s directory of smartwatches by far. Unfortunately, is not the company’s best activity tracking watch. However, it still sports a beautiful outlook and has some advanced tech features too.

It has a voice dictation software pre-loaded in it for you to demand various different things for the watch to do just by speaking to it. Has a rich gallery for watch faces, games and other apps that surpass the number of 15,000 in total for you to download and have fun with, and connects to both iOS and Android phones. The watch was crowdfunded on Kickstarter and has proven to be a success.

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Asus Zenwatch 3

Asus Zenwatch 3 smartwatch for women

Asus ZenWatch 3 is a stylish and comfortable smartwatch that will undoubtedly look amazing on every woman’s wrist. It sports a fancy circular design with triple crowns on the side that grant you more shortcut commands during operation. It is however limited in features, as Asus, in general, is a bit behind of its competition in the section of wearable tech, particularly smartwatches.

You can adjust the appearance of the watch by choosing from six different themes and fifty built-in watch faces for the best combination that matches your outfit or mood. You can also download an infinite number of faces from Play Store as this is a Wear OS watch.

The Asus ZenFit health and activity application will constantly show activity and sleep quality data, while the low-power Bluetooth sensor allows the battery to power the device for up to two days with a single charge.

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Tag Heuer Connected Modular 41

Tag Heuer Connected Modular 41 smartwatch

The smartwatch design by the Swiss luxury manufacturer that’s best known for its expensive watches and other fashion products might not win the best women’s design price but its Connected Modular 41 smartwatch certainly is one of the most advanced watches for women.

The Tag Heuer Connected Modular 41 watch features all the necessary sensors for tracking activity and its durability certification makes this smartwatch suitable for outdoor sports. It has GPS, gyroscope, and accelerometer for navigation and NFC for in-watch payments via Google Pay. The smooth usage is guaranteed by a whopping one gig of ram and 8 gigs of free memory for you to fill up with apps and other media files. Its storage availability is as impressive as its connectivity features.

The watch has its design inspired by traditional Tag Heuer luxury watches and you’ll be granted the feeling of wearing a highly-priced product when having it on the wrist. That feeling won’t come for granted anyway, as this is one of the most expensive smartwatches the current market has in offer.

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Skagen Mini Hald

Skagen Mini Hald Rose hybrid smartwatch for women

Skagen Mini Hald is the hybrid version of the Skagen Falster smartwatch. It also runs the Android Wear operating system of Google and storages activity data throughout the day. You can view fitness reports on your phone when connecting the watch with one. Compatibility is supported for iPhone and Android.

It is a quite inexpensive hybrid watch that is brilliantly designed with fashion to appear as a top-end luxury product. Besides activity and sleep monitoring, the watch, also lets you receive email and call notifications on your wrist. Those, only when it is wirelessly paired to a smartphone.

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