Best smartwatch for kids: Top smartwatches for kids to play and stay safe

Smart wearable devices are a buzzing industry with manufactures expanding their feature supports with every new product release. Smartwatches with heart rate monitor and GPS are capable of tracking a large variety of sports. They can wirelessly stream music to your headphones and come specifically manufactured to best-serve as assistants for a particular category of physical activities.

Regardless of what you’re passionate about, you’ll always find a smartwatch designed to assist you with your favorite sport. Hikers and outdoor adventurers are offered to pick on any of rugged smartwatches made from durable materials to withstand the harsh environmental conditions, swimmers and divers have their own line of hermetically sealed waterproof smartwatches that resist the pressure at great depths of water.

Smartwatches equip sensors and technology to track fitness and sports, daily activities, play music either from your phone or from their own built-in storage straight to your earbuds, install apps and games, and there are even smartwatches with 4G network support that are capable of doing a lot of what your phone is supposed to cover. This large collection of different types of watches aims to please adults but what about the youngsters? Are there specifical smartwatches for kids that you can gift to your child or a niece or nephew? The answer is yes. Kids smartwatches are designed for the youngsters to have fun playing with and also to help parents make sure their child is always safe.

Getting to your little one a smartwatch that tracks location might be a very efficient way of overlooking what your child does in your absence without messing up with their privacy. Your kid will be enjoying his fancy wristwatch, and you’ll be knowing exactly where your little one is at any given time. Convinced? Here’s a list of the best watches children will love having on their wrist.

Best overall: TickTalk 3

TickTalk 3 smartwatch for kids hands on review

The crowdfunded third-generation of the ultimate watch phone for kids TickTalk is a game-changing smart toy and a highly-fashioned gadget equipped with smart technology to allow parents to keep a track on the whereabouts of their little ones.

TickTalk did not intend to manufacture the next Fitbit for kids with the development of the TickTalk 3 wearable for kids. Thus, it has limited fitness-tracking feature supports. But there are significant upgrades in other directions offered with each new TickTalk 3.0. For instance, TickTalk 3 is a 4G watch phone for kids that significantly improves its geolocation pinpointing accuracy. There’s also a 2MP front camera for taking photos and video chatting.

This GPS watch for kids that stands at a notch above the competition has a pre-built network that allows only the contacts registered in the device to text and call the child. There’s a firewall option that disables anyone outside the registered numbers to call or text message, helping in safeguarding the children. Parents will receive notifications related to their child’s whereabouts via a mobile application as well.

Ojoy A1

Hands on review with the Ojoy A1, a 4G watch phone for kids with GPS

Ojoy A1 is a 4G kids watch with GPS, it equips step counter to deliver some sort of fitness reporting which it empowers with a pre-loaded game-like character that grows through different levels as more physical progress is acquired. A simple, yet, entertaining way that this watch offers to make children start moving around.

The package of smart functions that comes with every Ojoy watch consists of an embedded GPS sensor for location tracking that is used to generate those fitness reports and also to let the parent know about their child’s whereabouts by sending data to the companion mobile app. There’s also a 2MP camera that can take videos and images and also gives space to video chatting.

Ojoy A1 has an IP68 certification for being waterproof kids watch. There’s also a pre-installed weather app and a calendar that will assist the little ones into making a schedule of their own and developing healthy habits.

TickTalk 2

TickTalk 2 GPS smartwatch for kids

The second generation of TickTalk smartwatch for kids has everything your child needs for in-wrist entertainment and playtime and packs quite a lot of features for the parents to keep an eye on what their kid is up to. This kids smartwatch with GPS that comes designed with style has a SIM card slot for your child to call you at any given time

The TickTalk 2.0 kids smart watch phone sports a 240 x 240 pixels touchscreen display and uses three different means of keeping an eye on your kid’s location. It locates the bearer’s position using GPS signaling and signals from WiFi networks the watch connects to. In addition to the LBS provided by the mobile network. The smart mobile app for parents that can connect to more than one watch at a time, allows the parent to view detailed on-map routes of a child’s movement. Also, you will be able to view real-time data about where your child exactly is at any given time.

The phone-like features on the watch allow for contact listing, phone call, and text message exchange, and access to the Internet. The SOS button lets the wearer start an instant phone call to a pre-set number. Parents can also activate from their mobile phone the Super Hearing feature. What this does is that it activates the microphone on the watch and lets the parent on the other side hear everything happening around their youngster.

To entertain and challenge kids, TickTalk features activity tracking supports that count steps and distance. This tracker for kids comes in black, blue, pink and yellow colors.

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VTech Kidizoom DX2

VTech Kidizoom DX2 Smartwatch for kids

The second generation of Vtech Kidizoom DX belongs to a different smart wearable for kids concept. Rather than tipping off parents with ideas and means of breaking through their child’s privacy, this watch focuses only on keeping children entertained. Kidizoom DX2 is suitable for kiddies of age four to twelve, and it can do a lot for them.

Firstly, the Kidizoom watch comes sporting a dual camera setup for juveniles to snap pics and record videos during their fun times. The pre-loaded Silly Yourself app enables kids to turn their selfies and films into watch faces. Kids love playing, and children that play with Kidizoom DX2 smartwatch enjoy entertaining themselves and are also pushed into learning and being physically active.

The way this Vtech Kids smart watch encourages youngsters to learn and be active is through games. The Monster Catcher game blends augmented reality technology and the camera to let juveniles capture monsters in the real world. The watch ships with five built-in games, which are; Jumping Egg, Music Town, Super Snowboard, Super Boarder, and Tic-Tac-Toe. There’s also a funny face challenge where kids can try to hit a 100% funny score by attempting to make their face as funny as possible. Here’s a full list of stuff this watch can do for your baby.

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LG GizmoGadget

LG GizmoGadget smartwatch for childrenThe GizmoGadget is LG’s flagship kids smart GPS watch. Similarly to the low-priced alternative, the GizmoPal 2, this watch can also work as a phone and has a SIM card slot of its own. GizmoGadget watch works on Verizon Wireless carriers operating with monthly subscriptions on phone calls and Internet data of as low as $5. The watch upgrades cellular supports by running the 3G network.

The watch has an excellent high-resolution touchscreen display and has advanced activity tracking features normally found on sports-tracking watches. Regarding fitness, the younger ones will be provided with statistical activity reports, to-do lists, and reminders to start moving at lazy times of long inactivity.

Parents can view the location of their child on their phone through the GizmoHub app and as well receive notifications when their son or daughter arrives at school or any other place. The watch has empty storage for up to 10 contacts, and it can send and receive phone calls, text messages, and media files.

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DokiWatch S

DokiWatch S GPS smartwatch for kids

The DokiWatch S is a kids smartwatch with games for entertainment, GPS for location and activity tracking, GSM for phone calls and text message, a camera for pics and vids, and even with a mini social network where the youngsters can group up to talk to each other and compete in various challenges.

Parents can monitor their kids via the Doki app for Android and iPhone to view their location at any given time. It lets parents pick up safe areas on a map based on where their child often visits, such as school, home, or a friend’s home. If the bearer happens to leave that perimeter, the parent will be receiving a notification to their phone. There’s an SOS button that when pressed for over than 3 seconds will trigger a warning notification sent to every phone paired to the watch and send them a 60-second voice recording of what’s happening around the child and will also start aggressively sending location data reports.

The DokiWatch S smartwatch has a very distinct way of motivating kids into being active. The built-in activity tracking app is called DokiPet and is a virtual pet that grows bigger as the child’s activity increases. Regarding fitness, reports display steps, distance, and an estimate on calorie burn.

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LG GizmoPal 2

LG Gizmopal 2 kids GPS smart watch

The LG GizmoPal is a smart GPS watch for kids that are grown enough to get around on their own. It is a kid’s standalone watch because has a SIM card slot and operates on the CDMA network. As a parent, you can set up to four numbers that will be used for two-way calling the watch. Something great this watch does is that it can be adjusted to automatically answer to calls that last over than 10 seconds.

Parents can also keep track of their child’s location via the GizmoHub app for mobile. The app lets you set up to 10 pre-determined locations and their time, and you’ll receive a notification on your phone when your kid arrives there. It can tell you when your child reaches school and when gets back home for instance.

Unfortunately, there’s not much of gaming happening with this LG smartwatch for kids. The only game is a sound recorder that plays back recorded sounds in engaging fun ways. If you have an older baby than seven years, consider going for the feature-rich and more advanced GizmoGadget.

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LeapFrog LeapBand

LeapFrog LeapBand smartwatch for children

LeapFrog is a company that dedicates its self to empowering curiosity and learning through innovative technologies that convert learning into enjoyable playtime. This waterproof kid’s smart watch lacks any location-tracking sensors and instead comes pre-loaded with games.

LeapBand has 36 different challenges for kids to encourage them to start becoming active. Challenges like “jump like a frog” or “walk like a crab” will certainly be liked by any kid. The nurturing pet game will take youngsters into a long voyage of taking care of a virtual pet and will teach them how to be kind and better-understand pets and animals in general. A pet can be anything from a robot to a dragon, and they’ll all be needing grooming, care, and feeding.

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Kurio Watch 2

Kurio Watch 2 smartwatch for children

Kurio Watch is one of the best smart toys you can gift to a child. This smart activity tracking watch for the children packs everything your daughter or son needs in terms of entertainment. Even the straps are smart-built to change color depending on how much heat is radiated from the wrist.

The Kurio Watch 2 has an embedded camera to shoot photos and record videos. There’s even a slot for an external microSD card of up to 32GB for that. It has a built-in music player, and with all that memory support, it can store quite a lot of songs.

The watch has SIM card support that runs smoothly on 2G network and supports two-way phone calls and text messages. The emergency function on the watch is not just an instant phone call made to a parent in case of danger. It does that just fine. But the watch also allows you to store medical information such as blood type, allergies, medical condition and more in case of an accident happens, and you’re not there to assist.

Kurio Watch is the ultimate gaming smartwatch for kids. It comes with a collection of pre-installed games. Games loaded into this wearable include Snake, Ninja Roll, Pirates Battle, and other games that require from the children to imitate the movement shown in the screen and get some sort of physical activity. Regarding activity, the watch counts the steps and distance walked throughout the day and also shows an estimate on calorie burn. To encourage learning, there’s a translator and a drawing app installed on the device.

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Orbo Kids Smartwatch

Orbo Kids smartwatch with GPS and camera

The Orbo is another cheap smart wearable device for kids that features a capacitive touchscreen display, a camera for photography, expandable memory for video and picture collection, and interactive games that educate and help sharpen the memory.

Unlike other GPS trackers for kids that have parental control features and SIM card support, the Orbo watch features only services related to providing enjoyable playtime moments to the children. It sports games, has a rotating camera at the top and can have its memory extended by up to 32GB via a microSD card to store more pictures and videos.

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Octopus by Joy

Octopus by Joy smartwatch for kids

Octopus by Joy watch is a different concept for smartwatches for the children. It completely lacks the main features found on any smartwatch, including the line of smartwatches for kids. It has no touchscreen, GPS, or SIM card support. Rather than being an interactive wrist-worn piece of tech for the youngsters, it is a smart device that teaches the children the importance of time management, good habits, and self-esteem.

This watch is basically a schedule maintainer that will adjust productivity at the kids by sending to-do notifications. It has a function where a parent can store contact information and medical┬ácondition, but it doesn’t have much else. An additional purpose of this watch is that of serving as a nightlight.

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Witmoving watch

Witmoving GPS smartwatch for kids

The Witmoving GPS tracker and smartwatch for the children is a standard device with parental control feature supports, a camera, and a SIM card slot. This device has a touchscreen display and stores up to ten different contacts for both ways of calling and texting. It has an emergency button to call a parent in case of emergency and can track activity and sleep.

Like most of the watches lined for the children. It has basic features and connects to Android and iOS devices. Connectivity features involve data syncing to a mobile app, including live GPS location and connectivity to WiFi networks.

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