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Did you ever have that feeling at the end of the workday that you could have done a lot more? Maybe you could write more pages, complete more tasks, run more interviews or simply-said do more work. And do you feel a little bit incomplete inside, like you have just wasted the majority of your day? Sounds familiar? Yes, we’ve all been there.

Let me guess. Instead of reading this article, you should be doing something else. Am I right? But due to reasons only familiar to you, you decided to delay your work and read this article about productivity. Luckily for us, procrastination is just a mindset that with some consistent work can be easily changed.

First of all, you have to accept the fact that procrastination is an unhealthy habit. People who procrastinate prioritize unimportant things and at the end of the day nothing gets done. Secondly, you have to be committed to changing bad habits. You have to be mentally, physically and emotionally determined to change. If not, you will fall under the pressure of doing some other “more interesting” things then work.

With the right application on your smartphone, you can win the bet against time as this site is all about.

There are plenty of tips and hacks on how not to procrastinate and how to work more productively, but since we are a mobile phone-related website, we will take a look at some of the best mobile apps that can help you boost productivity.


Evernote note taking app for Android

Evernote is an all-in-one note-taking app where you can create, organize and keep all your notes and ideas in one centralized place. The app is cross-platform compatible, meaning that your notes can be accessed, viewed and edited across different devices and by various people. Besides notes, you can upload images, videos, and audio files as well. The app has a lot of great formatting and organizational features which makes it one of the best note-taking apps available on the market.

Available for: Android and iOS

PDF Converter Ultimate

PDF Converter Ultimate app for Android

Are you dealing with a lot of documents on a regular basis? No problem. With a PDF Converter Ultimate, you can make all of those PDFs editable again. The app provides PDF conversions with excellent quality and high accuracy to more than 20 popular file formats and vice versa. Another great feature is the ability to convert documents directly from your phone, Gmail or supported cloud services like Google Drive, iCloud, Dropbox and more.

Available for: Android and iOS


IFTTT android application

With this app, you can automate your life, by that we mean you have the ability to create or use existing “applets” (over 500) to incorporate different services and apps in order to get more things done with less effort. For example, you can set the app to create a draft post in WordPress whenever you add a new note to a notebook in Evernote. The only limitation is your creativity and who knows what amazing applets you can come up with.

Available for: Android and iOS


Dropbox Cloud Storage application for Android

Dropbox is one of the best cloud storage service apps and document management apps. You can easily upload all your files like images, videos, PDFs and other data to the cloud in order to access them later from anywhere and on various devices. A good thing is that all of the data is kept secure with 256-bit AES encryption. One of its major features is support for collaborative work which means that you and your colleagues can work on the same document from various locations in the World.

Available for: Android and iOS


Forest app to abandon smartphone addiction and stay focused

Forest is perfect for those who are trying to break their phone addiction. The app uses a Pomodoro technique to encourage you not to look at your phone screen all the time. The way it functions is fairly simple, you set a timer for 20 minutes, and you put your phone away. If you make it, the whole 20 minutes, without touching your phone you will be rewarded with a tree, however, if you cannot resist and leave the app, your tree will wither. Challenge yourself to grow the biggest forest and give yourself a better habit.

Available for: Android and iOS


Moleskine Timepage calendar app for iPhone

If you are looking for a perfect calendar app, look no more. Moleskine Timepage is a smart calendar app that utilizes your contacts, weather, maps, and events all into one app. Besides its beautiful design, it has one neat feature that other apps don’t – intuitive month heatmap which instantly shows when you are busy and free in the given month. In the morning, the app will show you beautifully animated temperature and rainfall forecasts for the day and when you go for work it will show travel time estimates for walking, cycling, driving or public transport riding.

‎Timepage by Moleskine Studio
‎Timepage by Moleskine Studio


Buffer social media management app for Android

Buffer is an incredibly useful social media management app developed for those who need to manage multiple accounts. It lets you schedule posts for various accounts, and it provides you with detailed analytics regarding your posts. Buffer supports Google+, Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn and other popular social media networks. No more wasting time, no more logging into multiple accounts. Just add your content to Buffer and choose when and where it’ll be posted.

Available for: Android and iOS

Newton Mail

Newton Mail email management app

Back in the day, it was known as CloudMagic and even from its humble beginnings, it was one of our favorite email client apps. It has support for all of the major email services like Gmail, iCloud, Exchange, Yahoo Mail, and others. Also, it puts all your emails from these accounts into one centralized place so you could ultimately achieve inbox zero. The app comes packed with some really handy features like mail scheduling, two-factor authentication, snoozing, email read receipts and many more.

Available for: Android and iOS


Slack team communication app

When it comes to apps developed specifically for team communication, Slack is undoubtedly one of the best ones. It has an always-on chat which means teams can speak privately or publicly with each other via instant messages. Using Slack, you and your team can do a lot of things like brainstorm ideas, share files among each other, compare notes, send questionnaires, set up team reminders and other stuff. Everything is easily accessible to everyone. Slack integrates with many apps and services streamlining your processes so communication can be much easier.

Available for: Android and iOS

Time Buddy

Time Buddy time converter app

This app is so simple, and yet so genius. In this modern age, it is possible to work on the same project with people who are scattered around the world. With the help of the internet everything is possible, right? Well, not exactly, the biggest problem with remote working teams is finding the appropriate time to schedule meetings. With Time Buddy you can easily enter all the timezones your colleagues are in and the app will find some overlapping times so you can schedule your meetings. As we said, simple but yet so genius.

Available for: Android and iOS

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