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Best Android File Manager apps

Android devices often become loose and operate slowly as a result of being overloaded by heavy files or cache data created by installed applications. Everyone needs a file manager app on their Android phone to clean junk files with one tap. But also to browse through everything that’s on the phone, find hidden files your device won’t show by default, or even to erase files quicker.

Your Android file explorer helps you better-organize your files by separating them into different labels, quickly select and create backups of your files on your favorite cloud app, compress and decompress ZIP files, and transfer files from your Android device to your PC. A file manager app is useful even for finding particular files without having to check every folder on your phone or SD card.

Android phones always come with a default file manager app, it sometimes is named as Files or just has the bland name of File Manager. If what the manufacturer pre-installed on your phone doesn’t meet your requirements, here are the best file manager and file explorer apps for Android.

Total Commander

Total Commander Android File Manager app

Total Commander is an extremely light app that takes only 1.5MB of storage off your phone. Still, it ranks as one of the best apps to manage files on Android, it has no annoying ads and supports downloadable plugins for expanding its operative functions. Total Commander App allows you to drag and drop files by long pressing, copy and move whole subdirectories, zip, unzip, or unrar files, and handy search feature to find files by their name.

Total Commander file manager allows you to view the full list of installed apps and change their permissions, and it also supports root browser in case you have rooted your device. If you need a file browser for your Android phone that won’t take much of the free space, Total Commander is what you should be looking for.

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ES File Explorer

ES File Explorer

Es File Explorer is the most popular file manager for Android, with over than 100 million live installations. It’s an all-in-one file explorer for Android. It allows you to find any file on your phone within seconds, remotely access to your cloud-stored directories and files on DropBox, Box.Net, SugarSync, Google Drive, OneDrive and other cloud platforms. Its tools section enables direct access to download manager, system manager, and it has a built-in space analyzer, music player, and junk-file cleaner.

The only backside of this file browser is its annoying display advertisement. If you hate ads, go for Es File Manager Pro which comes in exchange for a $2.89 subscription.

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File Manager (File Transfer)

File Manager File Transfer app for Android

File Manager app is another low-memory app for managing files on Android phones and devices. It has a similar design to default file managers installed by manufacturers and lets you have a clear view on all of images, songs, videos, and documents. It also shows the available storage on your phone.

Like other apps for managing files, it allows moving and editing files in device level and as well as on the cloud. This app enables Wi-Fi file transfer from your phone to your computer or to manage them from your PC using FTP. Multiple file transfer protocols are also supported.

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Root Explorer

Root Explorer File Manager app

Explorer or Root Explorer app is the best file manager for Android if the device is rooted. But even if it’s not (rooting your phone may unlock hidden features that are disabled by the manufacturer but may also ruin your phone or ruin the warranty), it still makes a good app to manage files on your Android phone.

The Explorer app enables fast navigation over your folders by swiping or tapping the folders, creating or extracting zip, tar, or rar files, bookmark files you use the most, find files by search, and allows syncing data from Google Drive, Dropbox, and other cloud-based apps. With this app, you can move or copy files from the background and create homescreen shortcut widgets for any file.

[appbox googleplay com.speedsoftware.explorer]

Solid Explorer

Solid Explorer File Manager app

Solid Explorer file manager is a paid app, but upon installation, it comes with a 14-day free trial, after which payment is required to keep using it. Besides being a top file manager for Android, it is also a file protector app that allows you to encrypt files with a password or with your fingerprint (if your phone supports fingerprint sensor).

Explorer File Manager sports a material design that adds to the general user-friendly experience. It has two separate panels that function as file browsers with drag and drop support among them. It is a cloud file manager that supports Dropbox, Box, OneDrive, Google Drive, SugarSync, Copy, Mediafire, Owncloud, and Yandex. With Solid Explorer app you can create and protect zip and rar files with a password. Although this is a solid file manager and a good file manager app, its full capabilities can be accessed if your device is rooted.

[appbox googleplay pl.solidexplorer2]

Root Browser

Root Browser File Manager app

Root Browser is another solid and good app for managing files on Android devices. Its complete features can be unlocked when is running on rooted phones, but it still makes a good Android file manager by accessing files on the viewable storage.

Something really sweet coming with this app is its ability to tell you how many files are on each app. That way you will know what part of your storage is overloaded. You can do everything other file managing apps offer, edit files, change their permission, move them, etc… It enables access to the cloud files and can be used as an external file manager by transferring files via USB cable.

[appbox googleplay com.jrummy.root.browserfree]

Amaze File Manager

Amaze File Manager

Amaze File Manager is another solid app to explore files on your Android, its outlook is based on material design guideline. This is the best free Android file manager you can find. There is no paid subscription or annoying ads to disturb you. Similarly to your default manager app, everything is offered for free.

Amaze Filer Manager app features a built-in reader for databases and zip, rar, apk, and text files. It enables quick navigation and supports basic features such as copying, editing, moving, compressing, or erasing data. You can quickly access bookmarks and history to find files, and it also is a good app manager as it lets you open, uninstall, or backup any app. There is a root access for advanced users that know how to deal with Android system.

Astro File Manager

Astro File Manager

Astro is another amazing file manager for mobile phones. It has a clean homepage design that lists files based on their type (image, song, video, or document) for quicker browsing. This Android file browser allows moving files from various cloud services to another with a single tap, manage files and folders located on the device, SD card, or local area network.

Astro File Manager app also functions as an app manager and battery saver by disabling applications that are drying your phone’s battery fast. You can also compress and extract different types of files via this app.

[appbox googleplay com.metago.astro]

File Commander

File Commander File Manager

File Commander for managing files is another application that adapts Google’s material design for user-friendly interfaces. But that’s not all, and this app is not recommended for its outlook but its advanced features on simplified file management. Firstly, everything that’s on your phone shows labeled for easy file browsing. The embedded File Analyzer will tell you which of the installed files are taking up too much space.

File Commander app gives you some desktop-like experience by integrating a Recycle Bin on your Android. Thus, files you delete and not necessarily removed permanently, you can return them back by tapping the bin and picking those files you mistakenly erased. This app is also an excellent file converter and Android file transferer. The Screen Sharing feature enables you to share your display with other devices on the same network. This app is a free file manager for Android, but if you want to get most of it, an in-app purchase unlocks the rest of unavailable features upon free installation.

[appbox googleplay com.mobisystems.fileman]

X-plore File Manager

X-plore File Manager

The X plore file manager brings a desktop file managing experience on your Android. It is one of the best-designed applications for this job, and although it may not be equipping a material design, it still has a way more professional outlook than its competitors.

X-plore app supports rooted and unrooted devices. It has a sidebar widget for quickly copying, pasting renaming, removing, sharing, searching and zipping files. This helps on simplifying the tasks without having to long-press on apps to select commands. X-plore file explorer has a built-in app manager that displays the full list of installed apps when tapped and allows you to update, change permissions, or uninstall particular applications. It supports 16 different cloud service, file transferring through devices on the same network, Wi-Fi file transfers, and its Send Anywhere brings all these files moving options in one place.

[appbox googleplay com.lonelycatgames.Xplore]

Asus File Manager

Asus File Manager

If you’re a fan of Asus and its ZenUI, the Asus File Manager brings a touch of ZenUI interface for your files. The file manager of Asus supports all Android devices, and it is a pretty solid app that doesn’t hide anything behind multiple panels but instead, brings everything it got on its home screen.

All of your files appear categorized, and you can easily find the file you’re looking for by knowing its type. It tells how much of your free memory is occupied and how much is free. It has a storage analyzing feature that also labels the kinds of files on your device and supports wirelessly file transfers among devices on the same network. It may not be very much useful for advanced users as it has similar features you find on default Android file managers.

[appbox googleplay com.asus.filemanager]

Super File Manager

Super File Manager

Super File Manager is another good alternative to the default Android file manager app. It displays folders and files in labels, has a section for only the recently-downloaded files, and also lets you see a full grid of everything that’s on your phone.

This pro file manager features a memory explorer that shows storage usage where files are labeled. It also has a junk file cleaner to remove unnecessary files that take your phone’s space. Super File Manager app has a file transfer support that’s called Turbo Transfer, and it enables transferring files among Android, PC, and iOS devices through the hotspot. A built-in security feature allows you to lock apps with a passcode.

[appbox googleplay com.onegogo.explorer]

OI File Manager

OI File Manager

The OI File Manager app will not provide you with advanced features such as compressing or creating different types of files. It simply is a file manager that lists up everything that’s on your device and allows them to find particular files. There’s a search option to find files by name.

[appbox googleplay org.openintents.filemanager]

MK Explorer

MK Explorer File Manager

The MK Explorer is another decent Android file manager app that doesn’t take much of your free storage and has sufficient features. The MK File Manager supports both rooted and unrooted devices, and it allows you to move, copy, rename, compress, or add as a bookmark any file. There is a top-right widget to create new files and folders. By tapping the Home button, you can view a labeled section of your records.

[appbox googleplay pl.mkexplorer.kormateusz]

File Expert

File Expert File Manager

File Expert Android file manager has a decent design and can provide data management for rooted phones. It supports connectivity with cloud services and lets you find files by search. You can compress and uncompress files, and it comes with a recycle bin to prevent you from permanently erasing important files and lets you edit current files or add new ones.

[appbox googleplay xcxin.filexpert]

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