5 reasons why you should download AVG Antivirus for Android

Google does a great job to protect your Android device from malware vulnerabilities at the device level, as well as in the cloud. The Android OS comes with virus detecting software attached to the Play Services that continuously monitor and scan the device they are installed at, while the Google Play Store is continuously monitored to detected and remove any malicious software disguised under an application.

Although Google takes the security of your Android device seriously and invests in maintaining it secure, Android devices are often attacked by viruses that affect millions of units. A malware report by Check Point revealed critical vulnerabilities in the underlying Linux Kernel that affect nearly a billion Android phones and tablets. With most of these vulnerabilities already patched in the Android Open Source Project and others expected to be, the need for panic is minimal. However, the risk is existent. Rooted devices are those that expose a higher risk to all kinds of viruses.

Finding a reliable and best antivirus for Android that will protect your device is critical in making sure that you do not become a victim of identity theft or having your property destroyed. While there are many options out there to choose from, those that have been ranked high in Google Play consistently are in limited numbers. Working with an antivirus app, you can reduce the chance of your information being stolen, the device being made unusable, and also keep a thief from being able to use your device. In case you are certain that you need an installed antivirus on your Android device here are some of the reasons why AVG antivirus app should be on your list.

Protect your device

Did you know that you may download an app that can destroy your device without you even knowing it? If you happen to own a Samsung device then some sort of Samsung antivirus or protection on your device can save you from losing everything you had on it. That is the reality you are facing with many smartphones and tablets today. Many apps and links seem harmless are downloaded or clicked, and sometimes they bring destruction and mayhem to your device. By installing an affordable antivirus app, you can stop that possibility from becoming a reality to your device

Easy installation

AVG offers a free antivirus to download, with a very simple installation process. Just head over to Google Play to get your app downloaded, and this program will start protecting your device right away. The free features allow you to have silent protection from malicious apps or malware, spyware, or viruses. Its pre-loaded phone finder function also makes sure that if your phone is stolen or misplaced, you can lock it down so that nobody else can access your phone but you.

Pro features are also available to help you set a PIN to protect your information or utilize the camera app if someone is trying to get into your phone unsuccessfully. The AVG Antivirus Pro features dealing with a lost phone include everything you may find at other find my phone apps. If an Android antivirus that protects and allows you to control your device even in case you lose it, then consider installing the AVG free antivirus today to start protecting your device right away.

Right price

AVG dedicates its self to being the best Android antivirus and its standard features are offered for free. Upon installation, a 30-day trial of Pro features is enabled, consisting of everything this app has to offer. Upgrading is optional, as the AVG Antivirus free version brings advanced tools to address your mobile security needs.

Easy to find

The free AVG Antivirus is available for Android devices on Google Play, it as well supports Apple devices and can be found on the iTunes App Store. Hackers often use tricky ways to manipulate people into voluntarily installing their malicious software, often by disguising them as antiviruses. Installing apps from credible sources is what may save you from becoming a hacker’s prey.


The need for antivirus has never been needed more than now. Recently, there have been many cases of scams, such as phishing emails, etc. , that have been circulating. As technology progresses, hackers are finding innovative ways to steal your information and invade your privacy. The AVG Antivirus ranks as one of the best free antiviruses for Android and takes you one step closer to protecting your mobile device and all that lies within it.

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