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Best weather apps: Weather forecast for your Android or iPhone

Gone are days, when bad weather was attributed to divine punishments, and praying was practiced to help improve the situation. Our trust is also no longer given to a Shaman for summoning spirits responsible for weather conditions and tell us the behavior of clouds tomorrow. The technology of forecasting weather began in the early 19th century with the invention of the electric telegraph which allowed reports to travel to distant locations during a short period.

The modern weather radars are capable of locating precipitation, measure its motion, and estimate if it is rain, snow, or hail. Atmospheric conditions are unpredictable. Thus, weather forecasting applies for short periods of time. The accuracy of those predictions falls drastically after ten days, but you can kind of trust 7-day weather forecasts.

Your local meteorologist usually is the most reliable source to tell you what the weather is going to be like. But you’re not always sitting comfortably on your couch to watch reports on TV, or you may happen to be hiking, and you substantially need a reliable weather forecasting that updates weather forecasts in shorter time-periods than daily basis. Like hourly updates on atmospheric conditions may be what can keep you save out in the wild.

You can stay updated with atmospheric conditions and out of harm’s way by receiving weather forecast reports straight to your premium mobile device. There are many weather apps supporting Android and iOS devices (also other types of devices). Their data is as much reliable as weather predictions can be, these apps fetch data from government-level meteorological departments from stations all over the globe and send that information to your mobile device. Here are some of the best weather apps for iPhone and Android available to download. Some of them are free with in-app purchases, and some are paid, just like any other category of apps. Not all radar apps are the same, and some specialize in general forecasting while some have short-term of the long-term special features.

Dark Sky weather app

Dark Sky Weather app

The Dark Sky has been an iOS-only reliable weather app for years. Since last year it was brought to Android devices and now even has a web version accessible via any web browser. What made this app stand at the top of weather forecast apps is its hyperlocal weather reports that are capable of providing minute-to-minute weather forecasts. It uses the GPS of your smartphone to let you know when exactly the rain will start and for how long you’ll get rained. It will send you notifications of type “heavy rain starting in 15 minutes.”. Will as well notify you in advance about the ending of rain.

This isn’t an entirely free app, and you can upgrade to unlock advanced features. You can set up about what to be notified for by visiting the Alerts section. Premium subscription on Dark Sky is $2.99 per year for Android and $3.99 per year for iPhone. You can make this app to notify before precipitation starts at your exact location, display the temperature in the status bar with a persistent forecast summary, deliver daily forecasts for the whole day at a custom time, notify you of any weather alert or warning issued by the government (US, Canada, and UK).

Beyond alerts and minute-to-minute hyperlocal reports, you’ll adore Dark Sky for its large variety of maps. It shows you radar coverage of any area around the globe. Other maps involve precipitation forecast and radar, temperature, feel like temperature, cloud cover, wind speed and gust, frost point, UV index, mean sea level pressure, ozone, and a funny emoji map to tell how your mood will be like in particular locations.

This radar app for Android and iPhone has sufficient data to allow you for a proper clothing and appropriate timing of your outdoor activities.

‎Dark Sky Weather
‎Dark Sky Weather
Developer: Apple
Price: Free

Dark Sky weather app for iPhone

Dark Sky weather app for Android


RadarScope Weather App

RadarScope is a bit different from other weather forecast apps. It is a radar app and doesn’t deal much with temperature or to send you daily predictions. It will only show you radars. But regarding radars, it still doesn’t have a second close to it. For a long time this was the best weather app for iPhone, now its availability has expanded to Android devices.

RadarScope fetches data from any NEXRAD and TDWR radar site all over the globe totaling 239 different radar sites. It allows you to see where the storm was and where it is heading. The high-resolution radar suit coming with this app allows you to see the rotation of storms, velocity, precipitation estimates, maximum hail size in storms, and dozens of other data that you may barely find on standard weather apps.

This weather radar app is perfect for storm chasers, outdoor enthusiasts, or for anyone that wants to keep continuous track on weather conditions.

Developer: Base Velocity, LLC
Price: Free+

RadarScope weather app for iPhone

Developer: DTN
Price: $9.99+

RadarScope weather app for Android

The Weather Channel

The Weather Channel app

The Weather Channel is the app provided by, and It is the same network Google takes data from when displaying forecasts in search results. It is one of the first places anyone ends up when searching for weather predictions on the Internet.

This free weather app for Android and iOS has everything you need to know about weather forecasting. It automatically attempts to use your phone’s GPS to find your location and provide atmospheric reports about your town. On the home page, it has hourly and daily forecasts. You can view forecasts for up to 15 days. The above screenshot consists of data taken for Denver weather forecast where it is shown raining, the app displays an estimated time when the rain is expected to end, displays precipitation and wind’s direction and speed.

The Weather Channel also comes with radar and maps for a better insight at your local weather. There are severe map layers to choose from. You can see a radar view of any location, clouds, temperature and how it feels like, wind speed, and something that may come handy if you’re planning to travel, the driving difficulty index. If that’s too high consider postponing your trip or prepare yourself for not pressing the gas pedal that much. The Weather Channel radar allows you to see atmospheric conditions in the past, at the current stance, and how will they be shortly. All of them displaying a timer at the top to let you know how they changed and at what time these changes took place.

The Weather Channel app for iPhone and Apple Watch

The Weather Channel app for Android


Accuweather app

The Accuweather forecasts are another great way to stay informed about weather changes at your place. The Accuweather app uses your phone’s GPS to find your location and display local weather radar, current conditions, and news videos.

The above Accuweather Chicago forecasts illustrate what this app looks like. It displays current atmospheric conditions, hourly and daily changes in temperature, humidity, wind speed, and more. The maps and Accuweather radar you can see various maps. It shows where is raining or snowing, and it lets you see in visual graphics how the clouds will be moving in the next two hours or how they moved during the same past period of time.

You can help Accuweather app by reporting weather at your location through the embedded app for better forecasting.

Accuweather app for iPhone

Accuweather app for Android

Noaa Weather app

Noaa Weather App

National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, which is a scientific agency within the United States Department of Commerce that deal with oceanic and atmospheric changes. NOAA warns about dangerous weather changes and creates sea charts to ensure the protection of ocean and coastal resources. Its weather forecasts are as genuine as weather forecasting can be. NOAA doesn’t represent its self with mobile apps. However, there are apps for mobile that fetch information from NOAA Weather radar.

The NOAA Weather application sends you notifications about thunderstorms, tornadoes, floods, fire, hurricanes, snow, freezing, and other natural dangers. It finds your location by accessing GPS on your device and shows you the current temperature, tapping on the city name unveils a 7-day weather forecast chart.

NOAA app probably doesn’t sport as much forecasting features as some other apps (it isn’t an official app), but its radars and maps provide marvelous visualizations of weather changes. The NOAA weather radar comes in three overlays, radar, satellite, and rain. By tapping the play widget next to the map, it will show you how clouds will change in next 22 hours. Storm chasers can stay ahead of storms by knowing where they’ll be positioned in a lengthier period of time.

‎NOAA Radar Pro: Weather Alerts
‎NOAA Radar Pro: Weather Alerts

NOAA Weather for iPhone

NOAA Weather radar for Android

Weather Underground

Weather Underground app

Weather Underground is one of the most popular apps for keeping a track on weather around your location. It shows hourly and daily forecasts, something special with this app is its summary section where you told a brief description regarding atmospheric conditions for the whole week. It also has daily details where you get to know every day’s rain accumulation, humidity, dew point, pressure, and visibility.

The Weather Underground radar view comes in three types, standard, satellite, and hybrid. These maps will help you visualize cloud’s movements and know where they’re heading. There’s a built-in health-related feature that tells air quality, UV index, and flu data. You can avoid going to places where your health may be at stake by keeping an eye on those reports.

Like any other app, it will show you latest weather updates via notifications. The Underground weather app takes news and infographics data from and allows you to view them from within the app.

Weather Underground iPhone app

Weather Underground Android app

Google Weather

Google weather through Google Assistant

Google doesn’t really have an application dedicated to weather, but you can use the Google app, Google search bar on your home screen, or accessing Google Assistant via Google Allo app. Voice commands work best in case you’re multitasking. Saying “Ok Google” to enable Google Assistant followed by “Weather in [city name]” will instantly show you forecast charts of the current weather. What makes it more amazing is that Google Assistant will show you temperate and weather condition by sound.

Google Assistant displays temperature, humidity, pressure, dew point, visibility, and precipitation on its charts. These charts are shown for the current and next day. It also allows you to see weather forecasts for ten days.

Unlike other mobile weather apps, Google Assistant will not send you notifications about weather changes. The Assistant comes pre-installed on Android devices, but you can also use Google Assistant on your iPhone by installing the app from the iTunes App Store.

‎Google Assistant
‎Google Assistant
Developer: Google LLC
Price: Free

Yahoo Weather

Yahoo Weather app

The sweetest app you can download for knowing the weather is Yahoo’s Weather app. It has an amazing user-friendly interface that allows you to pass from one chart to another by simply scrolling down the screen. Besides, for every city you choose, there is a panoramic view of one of its best cultural attractions on the background.

Yahoo weather displays a 7-day forecast and tells for the current day temperature and all other details you can find on other top-notch weather apps. There is a sun and moon feature embedded at the bottom of the home screen that tells the location of the sun and the moon. An embedded Google Map visualizes heat and wind.

‎Yahoo Weather
‎Yahoo Weather
Developer: Yahoo
Price: Free

Yahoo Weather app for iPhone

Yahoo Weather
Yahoo Weather
Developer: Yahoo
Price: Free

Yahoo Weather app for Android


Weatherbug app

Weather Bug is one of the most equipped and feature-rich apps to check the weather online via a mobile device. Like other local weather apps, it shows the current conditions, such as temperature, humidity, wind, and more. Something extra coming with this app is its lightning feature that tells you the closest lightning strikes in or around your area.

Weatherbug app is an all-in-one application for forecasts and as well for storm chasers. Its online radar comes with a large variety of maps, and it has fifteen different satellite maps. Probably the most of any other app. Its forecasts are for up to ten days, and it sends notifications for weather changes or storms in your region of residence based on GPS tracking.

Other weather widgets coming with the Weather Bug app are the moon and sun feature, level of pollen into the air, live traffic videos, and more.

‎WeatherBug – Weather Forecast
‎WeatherBug – Weather Forecast

Weatherbug app for iPhone

Weatherbug app for Android

National Weather Service

National Weather Service

The NWS Now is another third-party app that receives data from government weather services. As the National Weather Service has no official app, these unofficial applications try to give you legit forecasts.

This app also has a clean design where it uses GPS location to provide current, hourly, and 7-day forecasts. Tapping on each of the weather widgets displays a full chart of forecasts. You don’t have to browse through different windows or swipe to move from one widget to another.

The National Weather Service radar is no other than an embedded NOAA radar. There is a temperature map that comes with this app and local weather changing alerts. This is an Android-only weather app.

National Weather Service NOW
National Weather Service NOW
Developer: Joe Perkins
Price: Free+


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