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Best password manager and password generator apps for Android

Even if you have the best mobile phone regarding security you still need to take appropriate measures to protect your private data. Having your name, your pet’s name or just “123456” as a password makes it easy to remember but also makes it easy to guess and hack. The password field when creating accounts (regardless of what type of account) should not be filled just to satisfy the “6-digit” requirement. Each password should be set with great care, it should be lengthy and diversified in characters, and it should never become your universal passwords.

Easy passwords such as your dog’s name, your surname, your birthday, etc.. are easy to guess or have a high probability of being on the password list of a less-professional hacker that uses brute force to break the security. A similar security vulnerability comes with creating a single hard-to-guess and robust password and then using it for every account that requires a digital password. In this case, when wrongdoers breach on one of your accounts, they will then be testing that same password on every account of yours they may find.

The most considerable care with passwords should take place when creating email accounts. As almost every online account will require an email configuration, and when a malefactor accesses your email will then be able to access everything that email account is connected with. Emails are used to validate and secure almost everything, from bank accounts to social media. It is crucial that the same password used in financial accounts and emails is never repeated on other sites where you register for an account.

A password manager does not add more security to your account, but it simplifies the process of password diversification by allowing you to store different passwords for each account and then manually add them whenever a login to a site whose credentials were once stored occurs.

What is a password manager?

An outstanding password manager records and stores in its database username and password information from browsers and applications whenever you sign up for a new account or log in with your existing one. This data is then loaded whenever you revisit the secure site or app. Not all applications have everything featured on them, but the good news is that you may keep multiple password manager apps on your Android as they do not conflict with each another like Antivirus apps for example.

Some password manager apps have a built-in password generator that automatically generates strong passcodes that are hard to crack. Advanced password managers can come with adjustments that allow it to change the password after a period of time automatically. In a few of them, you can also pre-set the characters to be used during the automated password changing and updating process.

What is a password generator?

A password generator differs from password managers, as it isn’t made to store login credentials. Sometimes, password generates are pre-loaded with password manager apps, but that’s not always the case. These apps are tasked with producing strong, impossible-to-guess passwords for every newly created account. Both these apps store the data in an encrypted vault that is as well password-protected.


LastPass is a secure password manager for mobile that stores in the cloud profile fillups and at the same time, it can generate strong passwords by up to 128-characters in length. LastPass is one of the few apps that brings almost everything you need for automatic logins across browsers and apps.

From within the app, you can create profile forms that include everything from your full name, address, and your financial accounts. For more custom form fillings, the app has a Secure Note section that has sections needed for a bank account, credit card, driver’s license, email, instant messenger, and more account credentials. The Secure Note section of LastPass app adjusts forms so that you will not have to load misplaced information when you create a new account. That because not all web forms are equally formatted and it is frustrating to see that your name is loaded under the address requirement in a form.

LastPass also has a Sites section from where you can load profile settings and instantly login with a tap whenever you visit the site. The built-in password generator allows adjusting the number and type of characters and as well as the site corresponding to the generated passcode. All the stored information on LastPass is encrypted with the master password set as an encryption key, to avoid any vulnerability, the key is hidden from anyone but you. There’s a one-month-trial coming with every download of LastPass app. LastPass pro cost only $24 a year, and it includes 1GB of encrypted file storage and a Family password sharing with up to 5 people with the Shared Family Folder.

LastPass Password Manager
LastPass Password Manager
Developer: LogMeIn, Inc.
Price: Free+


1Password is an easy-to-use password manager that creates a different cloud encrypted vault for each account category. These forms are stored separately and are available for use every time you need them. Profile forms are encrypted and secured via a 10-digit or more massive password.

The 1Password app does not have a password generator of its own. It can automatically fill usernames and passwords in Chrome, Firefox Focus, Microsoft Edge, and Opera browsers and as well as in the applications. The form loadings can be adjusted to be loaded automatically or manually by you based on what the form type and requirements are.


Dashlane shares most of its DNA with the LastPass, but they differ in one major thing. Unlike the second, Dashlane allows you to store and manage unlimited passwords for free. One Dashlane account is all you need to have control over your account passwords and have this control shared across devices.

To store account details and password on Dashlane, you can either go to the Passwords section of the app from where you can write down the website details or choose from one of the famous sites listed by the app – or fill up any of the available forms in the Secure Notes section. Dashlane has a password generator of its own that enables an automated creation of unlimited and random passwords ranging from 4 to 40 characters. Dashlane as a password manager is offered for free, while its premium features such as password folder sharing and cloud backups are priced at $30 a year. There’s a free premium subscription trial coming with every Dashlane download and a new browser app for Android that will stick with you for life.

Dashlane Password Manager
Dashlane Password Manager
Developer: Dashlane
Price: Free+


KeePassDroid implements the open-source KeePass Password Safe password manager services into Android phones. KeePassDroid app just like the KeePass service stores all your password information in one database and encrypts it using a master password or a key file. The encryption does not include only your password settings but also your username, notes, and comments for each folder. The KeePass for Android is a password manager that requires some technical assistance to work properly, and it might not be the best solution if you’re lazy to set up everything up in a manual manner.

Developer: Brian Pellin
Price: Free

Zoho Vault

Zoho Vault Android Password Manager app

Zoho Vault is an advanced and premium password manager for Android that considers your account data and passwords as secrets. It has several different account types for an appropriate data storing, and it allows sharing password files with your family or colleagues. Zoho password manager encrypts your data and asks for a catchphrase password alternative and encryption key to further secure your data. With Zoho Vault you can access your stored account data online and offline.

Password Manager - Zoho Vault
Password Manager - Zoho Vault


This password manager for Android comes in the form of an additional mobile browser that brings sufficient features for automated logins and password management. The RoboForm password manager supports automatic form filling on secure sites and as well as in the apps.

RoboForm app comes with a browser of its own for managing and creating strong passwords. You can also integrate the RoboForm features to work with Google Chrome for Android by enabling to it accessibility on Android settings. RoboForm also supports data importing from LastPass, Dashlane, 1Password and some other password managers.

RoboForm Password Manager
RoboForm Password Manager


LogMeOnce is one of the most popular and feature-rich password administrator that also functions as a device manager and allows secure Internet browsing. The most amazing thing coming with this app is its function to secure your account via facial recognition technology. A selfie is all you need to access your login forms and passwords instantly.

LogMeOnce automatically detects and stores passwords and your username accounts while you log in into your accounts via a browser or mobile apps. It also registers already-logged profiles on the installed apps on your device and enables you to set and store a password for them.

By granting admin access to LogMeOnce on your Android device settings, you also receive for granted an Android device manager with a find my device embedded service.

aWallet Password Manager

aWallet app is a fully-customizable password manager that allows you to store various accounts into what the app lists as categories. The app comes with some pre-loaded general categories to simplify profile info storage. aWallet supports data backup and allows to import or export account data in CSV file format.

aWallet is an excellent choice if you need a place to write down your profile passwords and have them securely stored there. But if you need automatic logins on the web, consider any of the other alternatives listed in this article.

aWallet Password Manager
aWallet Password Manager
Developer: Synpet
Price: Free+

Enpass Password Manager

Enpass offers yet another advanced and moderate alternative that automates filling login details in browsers and apps and also securely stores notes in the cloud and generates strong passwords for you. Enpass is also a good app for travelers, and it lets you fill flight details, store hotel reservations, passport, and traveling visa information. Enpass syncs your account across devices by enabling you to view and interact with your stored data on mobile, desktop, and tablet. It also comes with a trial where premium features are enabled during first 20 days after app installation.


Bitwarden Password Manager

Bitwarden offers a fantastic password managing service for Android users. Similarly to other apps, Bitwarden password manager creates a secure cloud-based vault for your logins. It also sports a password-generating feature that can have up to 64 characters and can be adjusted to contain capital letters, numerals, numbers, and symbols.

Bitwarden password manager can work with any other browser for Android with just a login to your Bitwarden account via the targetted browser and can also sync data from your other password management apps. It is an excellent app in case you’re no longer satisfied with your old app and want to move to another but without having to restart the account registration process.

Bitwarden Password Manager
Bitwarden Password Manager

Password Safe and Manager

Password Safe and Manager app for Android

Password Safe is another service that prevents you from having to remember passwords of every account you may have and instead eases that process by asking you to remember only one master password. This app supports various types of accounts for which the information will be stored and will also be loaded instantly when you pay a visit to any of the sites whos login details were previously added to the app’s vault.

With Password Safe app you can also generate new strong passwords and have automated backups stored on your device once after you exit the app. You can also import or export account data from other apps or from this to any other application that supports data import, Bitwarden does have that feature enabled for example.

Norton Identity Safe

Norton provides Android users with the most advanced technology regarding security online. It currently offers one of the high-ranked antivirus apps for Android and a highly recommended VPN service for Android to anonymously and securely access the worldwide web. Norton Identity Safe password management app features a military-grade security wall that’s impossible to break. You are asked to sign up for a Norton account when you install the app on your Android and then create a secure vault for your accounts that is protected by a second password. A four-digit PIN tops the already-strong security performance.

To simplify information loading on web pages, the Norton password manager separates the data by type. It has standalone sections to store online logins, addresses, and financial account information. Thus, when you’ll be needing to enter your address or credit card information on a website or app, Norton will automatically load it for you. You can also store personal notes on your vault and access them at any given time.

Norton Password Manager
Norton Password Manager
Developer: NortonMobile
Price: Free

Google Smart Lock

Google Chrome wasn’t the best way to store account passwords or to re-use form fill-ups after signing up for applications and services. But that changed when Google introduced Smartlock that completely skips the password-guessing game. Google Smartlock uses your Google account as a secure base for your passwords and account fillups information, it can be accessed via Android settings on your phone or via Chrome browser on your mobile, computer, or tablet. When you pair your Android phone with your Android smartwatch, Smart Lock makes possible for your wearable device to be the PIN to unlocking your phone, skipping the PIN request to unlock it (functions when Smart Lock is turned on only).

To access your Google Smart Lock passwords on your Android device, you should open Chrome browser and access Settings. There you can view the list of stored account details by tapping the Save Passwords button or add new addresses and credit card details on the Autofill and payments section of the settings. You may also instantly view all accounts and passwords associated with your Google account by visiting webpage.

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