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Best health and fitness apps for Android

Mobile apps dedicated to fitness and health can help if you are trying to improve body weight, guide on how to have productive early-morning workouts, tell an estimated calorie burn during your running or walking and count steps. However, the data these apps display is not completely accurate, actually, is far from being that.

How health and fitness apps work?

The activity tracker and other health apps often show the data transmitted to them via sensors on a wearable activity tracker device or mobile phones. Wearable devices and a few smartphones are equipped with a heart rate monitor system that records your heart rate. However, it is not as accurate as a chest-mounted monitor. Regarding activity tracking features, these apps receive the information delivered by a GPS system installed on fitness tracker gadgets, while more often, even these gadgets make use of the GPS mounted on a mobile phone they pair with and don’t even have one of their own. To count your steps, a fitness tracking device equips an accelerometer that measures motion and a gyroscope to measure orientation and rotation.  Then software differentiates this motion into steps, estimates burned calories and tries to tell sleep quality.

The vast feedback transmitted by these sensors into the software shown on your mobile phone consists of guesswork. These apps and physical devices behind them cannot tell if you suffer from any disease or if your heart is healthy. They are not genuine medical devices and are not designed to prevent, diagnose, or treat any medical condition. Only a doctor can tell you that. Be aware that the apps listed below and the devices they sync to are designed exclusively for motivational purposes, and their data is not accurate. Do not take any drug prescription based on their data and avoid any application that may suggest you do that.

Some workout and weight loss apps include in their database a large variety of foods and their estimated calorie concentration to tell how many calories you consume during each meal and what is the best amount of them for a weight loss or weight gaining diet. Some even have a barcode scanner to scan any food you buy from the store instantly. They are basically calculators, and apparently, they’re far from rivaling a genuine dietitian.

Here are the best health and activity tracking apps to motivate you into living a healthier life.

Best diet planner and calorie counter apps to lose weight

Apps that are designed to motivate their users into their weight loss endeavor include in their features food data and calories to create diet plans based on your body mass index and required nutrition to either lose or gain weight. Some other apps dedicated to losing weight have exercise journals and virtual training programs to motivate and guide on achieving your goals.


MyFitnessPal is the most recommended and popular calorie counter app of today. To help everyone tone up, MyFitnessPal has a database of over than six million foods that includes global items and cuisines and a barcode scanner to track food’s calories and nutrition. Knowing how many calories, fat, and fibers each food has allows you to have an averagely correct idea of what you’re eating and how much nutritious your food actually is.

MyFitnessPal asks for necessary information regarding your height, weight, and creates a diet plan based on your aims either lose or gain weight. You can then list the foods you consume during each meal by either searching them out from the index or using the barcode scanner to add foods that do not appear in search results manually. Each listed food accompanies its nutritious ingredients such as calories, carbohydrates, fat, and protein.

You can view your progress from the dashboard which displays the number of consumed calories comparable to your ideal calorie diet. It also shows how many calories you burned during your daily activities, such as walking or running and counts your steps. MyFitnessPal app allows you to interact with other people sharing the same goals as you by accessing its mini social media platform and adding friends. It has graphic-rich charts that display how your progress is going and allows you to back the claims the charts report by adding photos of your self. You can always return back to see a summary of nutrient intake over time.

MyFitnessPal workout program consists of over than 350 exercises for you to practice and also allows you to create tasks of your own. It advises on diets by displaying various meals and their recipes that will serve you to lose, gain, or maintain your weight. Each meal has its nutritious ingredients shown publicly to let you know how many calories you take from each one of them. There’s also a calorie burn calculator that shows how many calories you burn while working on any of those 350 listed exercises.

You can sync data from over than 50 apps and devices to your MyFitnessPal dashboard. These fitness devices include some favorite gadgets and apps like Fitbit, Jawbone UP, Garmin, MapMyFitness, Runkeeper, Strava, Runtastic, Misfit, Withings, HealthKit, UA Record and many other.


Lifesum dedicates its self to helping people work towards achieving a healthier lifestyle.. It creates diary plans by combining your food desires and needs, and there’s a quick test that offers diet plans based on the foods you like to consume mostly. For cases when your habits push you toward an unhealthy living, Lifesum will help you portion the junk food.

The Lifesum app tracks your calorie intake and has a food database of its own that as well includes a barcode scanner. It calculates your intaken calories by calculating the total amount from breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks and reducing the burned calories from your physical activities from the total sum. This app doesn’t have a function to connect to the GPS mounted on your Android smartphone to record your activity, but it can connect to other apps dedicated to movement trackings such as Google Fit, Nokia Health, Runkeeper, Fitbit, and more.

To help you to eat healthier and planning your diet better, Lifesum comes with a large variety of healthy recipes just for you. On its premium subscription, you can choose food plans specially designed for a muscular physique, clean eating, or be strong in a classic style.

Lifesum makes it easier for you to receive the right type of energy composition to reach your goals by tracking macro ingredients when you log foods. It encourages you to continue a healthier life by allowing sharing of your goals with your friends on social media and displaying your progress in charts.


Fooducate health and food app

Fooducate is an excellent health tracker and diet planner app for mobile. This is an application that dedicates its self to weight loss, it comes with a unique feature that allows you to plan a diet that will contain foods to lower your cholesterol levels, reduce blood pressure, and assists pregnant women and new moms with special diets for healthy eating during pregnancy and breastfeeding.

The health tracker feature on the app tracks your daily calorie quota by calculating your intake nutrition when you add foods from the food inventory or by scanning the barcode using your phone’s camera and also discounts burned energy from your activity or exercises which you can also choose from the app’s index. Something I love about this app is its specially-designed diet planner for gluten intolerant and people with allergies. Fooducate also has diet planner support for dogs and cats, your pet is part of the family, and Fooducate totally believes that a pet’s health is a big deal. These features, however, are only for premium subscribers, but the rest of features are free of charge.

Weight Watchers

Weight Watchers Mobile health and fitness app

Weight Watchers is one of the oldest companies to offer products and services to assist weight loss and body maintenance. Founded 54 years ago, Weight Watchers uses science-backed programs to help participants obtain a better physique by exercising more, forming better habits, and most importantly, eat smarter. Having Weight Watchers services on your mobile phone is a blessing for everyone interesting at weight loss or maintenance.

Unfortunately, Weight Watchers does not come with any of its services offered for free. To use the app, you should sign up for any of the premium plans. The WW plans start with the $4.6 per week OnlinePlus where you can use the app on your smartphone to create a customized diet, list foods and view their respective energy levels. The second plan is Meeting where you have full access to OnlinePlus and also can meet with fellow members on weekly in-person meetings to share your progress and learn from others like you.


Fitocracy is an award-winning fitness motivator app that sports a workout tracker and guider. The app has an embedded calendar app from where you can choose from different exercises to practice and earn points and badges on the go. Fitocracy is a type of workout apps that primarily focuses on the interaction among participants. The only downside to this app is that it requires multiple manual tasks to be completed on user’s end for proper functionality. It also doesn’t tell much regarding calorie burn and weight loss expectancy. For such kind of data, you should use another app, either a diet or an activity tracking app.

The social part of Fitocracy workout app makes it a great app of choice for improving your body. It allows you to level up and earn badges and as well as enter into direct competition with other Fitocracy users. The app comes with a social network of its own where you can share your experience, make friends, follow other members, participate in groups, and make friends.

Fitocracy Workout Fitness Log
Fitocracy Workout Fitness Log
Developer: MVMNT
Price: Free

Argus Calorie Counter

Argus calorie counter and activity tracker app

The Argus fitness app probably is one of the most complete apps of its kind. It has a food tracker and diet planner just like other diet and food-oriented apps where you can set a weight loss or gain goal and track the energy levels of the foods you take in correspondence to your weight goals. You can set and find diet plans and also add workout exercises similarly to other personal gym assistant apps. Argus has a fitness tracker of its own but also supports connection to popular devices and apps that are equipped with the right sensors to track activity better. Nevertheless, Argus makes use of the GPS on your phone to create draw in a map your movement and an estimated calorie burn depending on activity as you run, cycle, hike, swim, walk, and more. It has various sports on it for more accurate tracking, some favorite sports you can opt for are motorsports, skiing, soccer, rowing, basketball, baseball, golf, and more.

Another gold feature coming with Argus is its social part. Every Argus user gains access to a social platform similar to Facebook where you can publish statuses which may contain a map of your activity, achieved goals, and make friends. The heart rate monitor feature by Argus uses the flashlight on the rear camera of any smartphone to give an estimated heart rate tracking. The heart rate feedback might not be wholly accurate, but it still gives you something without the need of purchasing an expensive heart rate monitoring device.

MyPlate Calorie Tracker

MyPlate Calorie and Food tracker

MyPlate Calorie Tracker is another diet-oriented with some activity monitoring features you won’t regret having as your companion to lose weight or gain body mass. The app lets you set your weight, height, and weight goal and also choose one of the plans to achieve your goal in a quick or somewhat extended period of time. It lets you store your diet and calorie intake and also automatically have your burned calories reduced from the sum via data synchronization from Google Fit.

The MyPlate app shows the daily remaining calorie intake during meals and charts your progress on a table extending throughout the week. You can also create regular goals for protein, fat, carbs, sodion, cholesterol, sugars, and fiber that you expect to receive from the consumed foods. To add foods to your meals you can browse from app’s database which contains over than 2 million items or use your smartphone’s camera to scan barcodes. You can also log workouts from the app’s extensive exercise database, and count burned calories.

MyPlate Calorie Tracker
MyPlate Calorie Tracker
Price: Free+

Lose It!

Lose It! is a calorie tracker and workout guide app that primarily focuses on helping participants to lose weight, but it can also be used to maintain or gain some kilos if your current diet is not healthy enough. Concerning food listing, Lose it is a beast, it contains over than 10 million different foods in its database for you to browse and add during meals. The most substantial database by far. If the food you had during a meal happens to not show on this app’s massive directory, there’s a barcode scanner option to add it as well. Although chances are you’ll barely ever need to scan any product with your phone’s camera.

Lose it supports data synchronization with popular activity tracking devices and software. Something fancy coming with Lose it is its meal calorie suggestion amount that is based on your pre-set goal. Rather than just advising you on the total amount of daily calorie you need to preserve on reaching your goals, this calorie monitoring app suggests the right calories you need to take during breakfast, lunch, dinner and other snacks in between. The app also distinguishes supermarket and restaurant foods, as you might know, cooked foods receive more calories as more ingredients are added in the process.

Lose it also has healthy recipes for adults and children. There are recipes that serve active athletes and to individuals with a limited physical activity. Basically, Lose it app has a recommendation for everyone to get fit. For each food added to the meals, the app will show a chart of nutrients for you to know exactly what you are feeding to your body. There are a workout guide program and an interacting channel with people like you with whom you can share the experience or enter into a health competition.

Noom Coach

Noom is a health app that will coach its participants into living a healthier life through its dedicated dieting courses and food monitoring. With Noom Coach app you can log foods from its vast database that includes items from popular restaurants and international cuisines, and also register them by scanning the barcode on the package. It also pairs with Google Fit to display and calculate energy burn throughout your daily activities. Noom also supports exercise logging and can advise on your diet by taking into consideration results of a pre-taken blood pressure and blood glucose test.

A top-notch feature of the Noom Coach is its Start-a-Course program that questions you ahead of your favorite foods and your struggle with achieving your weight goals. It then lets to chose any of the particular diet courses that will orient you towards eating food for a healthy weight, foods that will prevent diabetes, and a hypertension prevention program. Pricing for these courses starts at $45.

Noom: Health & Weight
Noom: Health & Weight
Developer: Noom Inc.
Price: Free+

Best apps to track your activity and fitness

The apps falling under this category may include features that are related to tracking calories, but they are mainly designed to monitor activity, estimate burned energy during each activity, and some apps have extended gym guides and exercise tutorials. With these apps, you get to know how many calories your walking, running, or time spent in the gym has burned. Some of these activity tracking apps can chart your walking running, or hiking into a map, measure your heart rate, and let you reach your activity goals. These are the best apps for running, hiking, and walking. Noting that some of these applications are designed by developers that have built their own fitness tracking device and their performance may be dependent on either you own or not the physical product.


Runkeeper is the ultimate online assistant for running and walking. The app uses GPS sensor on your phone to find your exact location and register your run and as well chart it on an embedded Google Maps map. With the Runkeeper activity tracking feature enabled you’ll be able to see yourself on a map, show an estimate of burned calories as you run or walk, shoot photos, and listen to your favorite songs by directly accessing your phone’s music library.

With Runkeeper you can set running, walking, or hiking distance goals and as well gain access to professional courses if you’re planning to participate in a marathon or race. Runkeeper lets you invite your friends to form running groups, receive alerts regarding your daily routine sprints, and also gain rewards and discounts for Runkeeper merchandise. You can also pair Runkeeper with other apps and health and activity tracking devices and share your charted progress with your friends on the social media.


Runtastic is the app no runner should miss having on their phone. It is similar to Runkeeper in design and features. It also makes use of the GPS on your phone to find and chart your location and movements on a map. A neat feature sported by Runtastic is its Facebook live streaming support that lets you share in real time with your friends your running. At the same time, while you are running and having your activity registered by the Runtastic app, you can see duration, distance, and an estimate in calorie burn.

Runtastic has pro plans of its own that guide and assists beginners, advise on weight loss via running, help marathon participants last to the end, and also has a dedicated program for the ladies to guide them on looking great on their bikini with a running and walking plan.


Strava is one of the most advanced and feature-rich activity tracking and fitness motivating apps of all time. Strava is an excellent assistant for runners and cyclists at the same time. It monitors and tracks running and cycling, opting among them can be made during the beginning of each new session. The whole route is drawn on a map, and you can pair Strava with a heart rate strap, footpad, or any other Bluetooth-paired activity measuring device. You can as well live stream your action with your friends.

Strava lets you do way more than just record your walk or run. You can use the Clubs feature to meet with famous groups of athletes near your location, make friends, and encourage each another by giving or receiving kudos. Strava motivates participants by launching monthly challenges designed to push everyone further. Participating in Strava challenges is available for free users and subscribers. Strava pro subscribers gain access to training videos targetting runners and cyclists that will help everyone reach their goals and teaches how to win races.

Map My Run

Running with the companionship Map My Run app is one of the best choices you can make. Because what this personal trainer app can do for you is just amazing. Run with Map My Run tracks your location by accessing GPS data on your cell and automatically creates running routes around your area. You can view those recommended routes on a map. Each path is bolded on the map and has its distance displayed.

Map My Run comes with a big punch of recommended plans from where you can choose to unlock and receive motivating badges. From the 5 miles to a 26-mile marathon, you’ll be having your favorite exercise tracking app watching your back. But that’s not all, and you can add your own distance goal longer than the full marathon and track your run on the go. With this app, you can take part in the You vs. the year 2018 challenge where to win you should cover 1018 km in running, walking, or hiking. A challenge that will make every participant a better and stronger person at the end.

You can pick one of the auto-generated routes or choose one of your own to start tracking your race instantly. The app lets you log any type of exercise, view a newsfeed of all your activities, and it can connect to popular workout tracking devices and apps and as well as to UA connected footwear.

Map My Run by Under Armour
Map My Run by Under Armour

C25K – Couch to 5K

C25K running program by ZenLabs will take you on a challenging journey from where you start to learn on how to pace your first five miles of running and end up becoming a professional marathon man. C25K is an all-in-one fitness bundle of apps from where you get an online guide to running, bodyweight workout, situps, pushups, squats, to build and tone your entire body.

Couch to 5K begins with easy-to-achieve challenges during the first week, the requirements, distance, and the time you spend running increase until you can run in a whole 5-mile marathon at the third day of the eighth week. But that’s not the end, and you shouldn’t uninstall the app, finishing the 5K challenge will just enable your participation at a tougher future accomplishment. You’ll then have to take part in the 10K challenge.

This app displays a chart of burned calories during each of your activities and is also an official partner of MyFitnessPal. Also, it is compatible with other activity monitoring devices and apps for improved activity reports.

C25K® - 5K Running Trainer
C25K® - 5K Running Trainer

Charity Miles

Charity Miles gives to everybody a golden opportunity. Improve themselves and also make money for one of 40 world-changing charity organizations. I personally chose to offer my savings to Autism Speaks. Those angels with autism and their families need all the help they can get, though, each of the organizations with whom Charity Miles is associated have their own significant cause that helps make this planet a better place.

With Charity Miles, you can start recording indoor and outdoor walks and runnings, cycling, and also become part of teams of people like you that are physically exercising and at the same time working out for a cause. Little else is better than sweating out and knowing that your energy is going to a good cause, helping people in need.

Zombies, Run!

Zombies have arisen, and in this post-apocalyptic world you should tie your shoes and get to run for your life! This is the reality Zombies Run mobile game brings to you. The only way you can survive this dark and evil environment is to run for real.

Zombies, Run! is an adventure game that involves physical activity in order to progress and pass the missions. With over than 2 million players, it certainly is one of the most entertaining ways of pushing yourself toward a life where working out is a thing. The game comes with many missions from where you win badges and receive achievements while completing required running goals throughout each mission. You can also view a log of all your runnings and purchase merchandise.

Zombies, Run! (Free)
Zombies, Run! (Free)
Developer: Six to Start
Price: Free+


Endomondo is an excellent app for tracking physical activities and for creating training plans that help tone your body. Endomondo, without doubt, is one of the top apps for running and walking. As a workout tracking app, Endomondo, supports over than 40 different sports and exercises. On the workout summary, you can see duration, distance, speed, location, and calorie burn for each exercise. Also, if you happen to have your Endomondo app paired with an activity tracking wearable device or a heart rate monitor you can also see your average heart rate and hydration level.

Endomondo offers audio feedback on distance and pace for every mile or kilometer you walk, run, or hike. It also records and charts your routes and provides you with pre-loaded walking routes near your location. All this data is outlined on an embedded map. The Endomondo premium users can create training plans of their own with personalized exercises and goals that help reach weight goals in a shorter period of time. App’s synchronization support with MyFitnessPal backs the nutrition monitoring feature.

Endomondo - Running & Walking
Endomondo - Running & Walking

My Asics

My Asics Run Coach is a training app for all runners. Its primary features are directed towards creating running plans that are adjusted with walking, jogging, and fast running periods until you are capable of running in full marathon marches.

With My Asics, your running plan is created within seconds. You will be able to see your position and route on a GPS-based map and also have your outdoor activity customized and adapted to fit your running ability and fitness. With sufficient features to adjust distances and insensitivity, you can create running plans that vary from 12 to 33 weeks. Your run logs will be automatically saved when you run with your phone but you can also manually add workouts if you prefer to leave your phone at home when you’re out for a run.

MY ASICS Run Coaching
MY ASICS Run Coaching
Developer: ASICS
Price: Free

Google Fit

Google Fit is a popular step counter app that runs in the background of your smartphone or Android Wear device and counts steps you make during your daily activities. Along with step counting, you get to see an estimate of calorie burn and distance. But that’s not all Google Fit can do for you. It can be customized and used as just another worthy weight loss motivator and tracker app.

Google Fit uses GPS and gyroscope to record and monitor your position, speed, pace, route, and elevation to help track various activities and sports. For a more accurate calorie feedback, you are allowed to insert your age, height, and weight to the app. To make Google Fit record activity data of yours, you can start an activity from the app from where you can choose from walking, running, biking, or from any of the dozens of other supported sports. For wellness monitoring and feedback, Google Fit can be paired with many food, workout, sleep, yoga, and weight tracking apps and devices.

Google Fit: Activity Tracking
Google Fit: Activity Tracking
Developer: Google LLC
Price: Free

Samsung Health

Samsung Health or S Health is a general wellness management app, but its activity-based features are pure gold, and there is little out there to outperformance what S Health can do. S Health comes pre-installed on Samsung phones and wearable devices, and its right there where its full potentials can be observed and enjoyed. Although, it does an excellent job at tracking your health and activity on any other Android device.

The health and fitness app developed by Samsung uses the camera and its lights sensors to scan barcodes on food and to monitor blood pressure and blood glucose. Just like other diet apps, the S Health lets you manage your daily calorie intake, set activity and weight goals and as well as track a large variety of different sports and workout activities.

Samsung Health
Samsung Health


Fitbit has some of most popularized wearable devices that measure fitness, weight and sleep quality. The Fitbit app is what makes data syncing from your Fitbit activity tracker to your mobile. Fitbit app unlocks its complete features only when it is connected with a Fitbit tracker, although it still has some essential features to show to everyone that chooses to download it from the Play Store. Unlike the vast majority of apps specially designed to track your activity, Fitbit doesn’t get all the information from the GPS and Gyroscope installed on your phone. It actually utilizes sensors found on Fitbit tracking devices that do more than just detecting your phone’s estimated position on a map and calculating the distance if it moves.

If you happen to own a Fitbit tracker, the Fitbit app will wirelessly sync it with your Android phone. It will let you track your runs, walks, and hikes via GPS, log other activities, workouts, and foods. Fitbit also helps with weight loss by showing your BMI, body fat, lean mass. It motivates to reach your desired body size through challenges with friends and other Fitbit users sharing the same goals as you.

Developer: Fitbit, Inc.
Price: Free+

Garmin Connect

Garmin Connect is another app for monitoring your fitness and activity that works best when is connected with a Garmin activity tracker. Once paired with a Garmin-made running watch or wristband, the Connect app will track and record various sports and physical activities — such as walking, pacing, running, swimming, golfing, and many more.

Your health and activity data are shown in the My Day section of the dashboard. It lets you measure yourself up with other Garmin users and awards with badges whenever you set records and beat yourself. Garmin Connect also supports data syncing with other activity-oriented apps like MyFitnesspal or Strava.

Garmin Connect™
Garmin Connect™
Developer: Garmin
Price: Free

Nike+ Run Club

Nike Run Club is a simple and yet amazing way to pace up with your daily activity records. Logging in with your Nike account and granting GPS permissions to the app on your smartphone is all you need to do to start getting a track at what you do.

The QuickStart section of the dashboard is where to go when looking to track a new run. It shows your position on a map and records the distance, duration, and speed. It can also display your heart rate if you happen to have a Bluetooth-powered heart rate monitor. Nike Run Club has many downloadable video run guides that are designed to be fit for everyone’s needs and multiple running plans and challenges.

Nike Run Club
Nike Run Club
Developer: Nike, Inc.
Price: Free

Best workout guide and personal trainer apps to exercise in the right way

These are the apps that are pre-loaded with video tutorials and workout plans just for you. These apps have little chances of outperforming your personal trainer or the trainer at the gym, but they can still educate on creating a healthy workout routine that will help you get rid of those extra pounds or tone your body farther.

Nike Training Club

Nike Training Club is a personal trainer app that has comprehensive bodyweight-only exercise programs for starters and senior athletes. Bodyweight training is an excellent choice for exercising at home because it requires minimum gym gear. The Nike trainer app lets you create personal workout plans separated into categories to give your body endurance, mobility, and strength.

Regardless of what category you select your exercise plan, you can still access over than 160 free workout plans. The app motivates you by letting you watch every exercise being executed by famous athletes including Michael B. Jordan, Cristiano Ronaldo, Serena Williams, Kevin Hart, and many more. Nike trainers will explain in short clips bodyweight exercises to work with particular muscles on abs, arms, shoulders, and legs. It has everything you need for a professional bodyweight workout at home comes with this free-to-download Android app.

The app also lets you find Nike Trainer Club live workouts where Nike trainers will offer in-person guidance for a fun time workout.

J&J Official 7 Minute Workout

The Johnson & Johnson 7 Minute Workout is one of the top virtual trainer apps for everybody that wants to exercise but doesn’t have the time to go to the gym. The app consists of 72 exercises and 22 pre-set workouts that can be customized to create over than a thousand variations. As all the exercises and custom made workouts are based on bodyweight, training and reaching body goals doesn’t require any gear or lost hours at the gym. You can perfectly train at home with the J&J 7 Minute Workout app.

The pre-loaded workout and exercises on the J and J 7 Minute Workout app have intensification, variation, and exercise type smartly designed to match with expectations of new and professional athletes. If you’re not satisfied with the generated workouts coming with the app, you can merely pick exercises and create custom workouts of your own that better match with your physique and weight goals. The app as well comes with a smart workout feature that gauges your fitness and motivation level to build custom workouts for you, and it lets you play songs from your music library as you train. It also allows you to create alerts not to miss exercising and share your workouts and achievements with your friends in the social media.


Sworkit is one of the best workout and personal trainer apps of all times. It doesn’t just show the right way to exercise, but it brings virtual training to whole new level. It lets you chat with real physical education teachers, sports trainers, physical therapists, and a personal trainer of your own. The Sworkit offer of health and wellness coaches is difficult to refuse. All this is offered for less than $7 a month, way more cheaper than a gym subscription.

Sworkit comes with 6-weeks training programs that are designed to contribute to a leaner, fitter and stronger body. Each program has beginner, intermediate, and advanced plans of its own. Sworkit has over than 100 different and effective workouts toppled by a large database of bodyweight exercises. You are allowed to combine activities and create custom workouts of your own that work best for you and share your record breaks with your friends.

Fitbit Coach

Fitbit has mobile applications to track and guide exercising and fitness. The Fitbit Coach is company’s app that supplies users with a virtual workout coach.

For the best experience and feedback, it is recommended that the Fitbit Coach app is connected to a Fitbit device. Exercising guide programs featured on the Fitbit personal trainer involve bodyweight exercises, outdoor runs and walks, stairs, and treadmill workouts. It has many exercising programs that allow everyone to train everywhere, and the gym is not a necessity if you want to live healthily or lose some kilos. When connected to a Fitbit tracker, the app will use the gathered data from the activity tracker to recommend you exercises, although, you can always browse them from the directory and create your own training plans.

Fitbit Coach
Fitbit Coach
Developer: Fitbit
Price: Free+

Map My Fitness

Map My Fitness is similar to Map My Run, well, they’re both designed by the same Under Armor developers. It lets you track bodyweight and gym workouts, synch nutrition data from MyFitnessPal, and synchronizes data from over than 400 activity tracker devices and applications. The premium subscribers do receive workout coaching, although with the free version it just makes a good fitness tracker app.

Best apps for tracking cycling

These apps are primarily dedicated to creating outstanding activity reports and guide for cyclists. Many of the apps for running have features for monitoring cycling, these apps have these features highlighted or are designed to have such features highlighted or track only such activity. If you just want to measure your cycling and care little about counting your steps, one of these apps may become the activity app of your choice.

Map My Ride

MapMyFitness offers the best app to map your bike route, the Map My Ride app. MapMyFitness has dedicated apps to track walking, hiking, running, and biking. The only thing that makes these apps differ from one another is the calorie burn estimate for exercises, but you can still log every type of exercises regardless of which app you decide to download on your phone. Map My Ride app records your cycling on a map and charts them as you exercise, it can also find routes around your place for you and let you store these routes by bookmarking them.

For each recorded biking you get to view your movements on a map and see the duration, speed, and calorie burn of your ride. The app comes with many Under Armour biking challenges, support for hundreds of activity monitoring devices and apps, and the chance to make friends and see them exercising in real time.


Cyclemeter is multi-functional cycling-tracker-only app. It has different methods to track your ride accurately. You can set it to track a route, a mountain bike, and a long distance ride. For each of these riding modes, the calorie burn and speed make more sense and are more accurate. Cyclemeter stores your riding history and you can access them by visiting the History section on your dashboard or the embedded calendar app to view your activity. The premium subscription automatically finds routes for you to ride where you also receive traffic data and a personal workout guide.


Relive is another fantastic app to track your outdoor activities. It can replace your recent activity tracking app as it supports data backup from many of the available apps of today. This app specializes in tracking your rides, walks, and hikes and creating interactive 3D videos of your journeys.

When tracking a cycling or running with Relieve, you get to see your position on a map, and you can snap pictures on the go. Your activity and any snapped photo will be stored and converted into 3D videos. You can then share these videos with your friends, and in case you happen to have your friends with you, they can also be added to the video.

Relive: Run, Ride, Hike & more
Relive: Run, Ride, Hike & more


BikeComputer wants to be your best cycling tracker and partner. It tracks your cycling and connects to heart rate monitor and ANT+ devices. It displays your location and route on a map and also has a beneficial safety function that will send emergency alerts with your position in case of an accident. There are BikeComputer challenges and events to keep you motivated and active.


CycleMap is unlike most of the apps listed on this roundup post. It doesn’t primarily focus on tracking your outdoor activity but to plan your bike routes. It actually makes an amazing guide app for travelers that plan to trip with their bike.

CycleMap is a very light app that comes with an embedded map that instantly finds a route to cycle from one point to another. Typing locations on the routes search bar are everything you are asked to perform. The RouteMagic Loop feature will instantly find a cycling loop near your location that will start at your exact position and be adjusted to have a distance of two to 160 kilometers. But besides planning your riding trip, CycleMap will find points of interests all around the place your journey takes you. You can use it to find bike stores, parking, restaurants, hotels, and much more. This feature may become incredibly useful if you are riding in a new town.

CycleMap : Bike Route Planner
CycleMap : Bike Route Planner

Best health and wellness apps

Almost every diet planner and activity tracker app listed on here is a basic health app, some like Samsung Health, for instance, is dedicated entirely to health improvement. The apps listed below monitor your sleep, measure your heart rate, help people with particular diseases that are impacted by diet (diabetes), and more. Having little to no support regarding activity tracking is what makes these apps different.

Sleep Cycle

The Sleep Cycle app uses accelerometer technology featured on smartphones to turn any phone into a sleep monitor. The app tracks your sleep and also makes an excellent alarm clock app for your phone, awakening you at the lightest sleep phase for a refreshed mindset.

Sleep Cycle alarm clock needs from you to set your phone face down on your bed before you fall to sleep. You can also set the alarm to wake you up in the morning, by monitoring your movement on the bed, Sleep Cycle will sound the alarm at the time when your body feels like is naturally waking up. It stores detailed sleep statistics and charts them on daily sleep graphs and has a sleep aid feature to help you fall asleep faster.

Sugar Sense

Sugar Sense app for diabetes

Sugar Sense is one of the best apps to monitor diabetes. The app aims at helping pre-diabetes, type 1, type 2, gestational, and diabetes Lada. While the app cannot track glucose and insulin levels in your blood, it lets you log the information from a blood sugar monitoring device along with your food intake, exercise, and weight. By knowing these, Sugar Sense app will estimate sugar levels in your blood and make such estimates shareable for you. You can share these reports with your physician, a certified diabetes educator or friends. The app also has specially designed diet plans for diabetes that will help you live better and avoid uncomfortable surprises from raising sugar levels.

Sugar Sense - Diabetes App
Sugar Sense - Diabetes App
Developer: StayWell
Price: Free

Instant Heart Rate

Instant Heart Rate makes a heart rate monitor out of any Android device that has a flash on its rear camera. The app uses the LED flash to lighten up your index finger, and then the camera tracks changes in color that happen during your pulse. This app is the most accurate heart rate monitor that does not require the use of a third-party heart rate monitoring device. Note that results provided by this app are not accurate and it can not be used for medical purposes. Diet planning and training guide are coming with this app as well.


Headspace is the app you need to practice for mindfulness. Headspace is rated to be the best meditation app to train your mind and body for a healthier, and most importantly, a happier life. This app has meditation packs and sessions that involve preparing your mind to become more focused, productive, creative, and balanced. It also has meditating sessions that will improve your state of mind and help combat anger, restlessness, regression, anxiety, stress, depression, pain and disease management. Headspace has meditation sessions that are useful to all ages, and it has sessions to help breakups and specially designed meditation guidance for kids.


Pacifica is a stress and anxiety app to feel happier and better with yourself. This app comes with psychologist-designed programs that track cognitive behavior, mindfulness, meditation, relaxation, and mood to address your stress, depression, and mood changes. This app addresses issues related to stress and depression but also helps you be happier, helps you become more productive, and can help you bypass worries about doing something new or something you fear of, such as flying for the first time.

Best apps for yoga

Yoga is an ancient way of improving physical and mental well-being that involves practicing a system poses, breathes, and spiritual disciplines. Yoga practisers are snowballing all around the world, and these are the apps that are dedicated to helping you quickly get the right balance of yoga in your life. Studio

The famous Indian yoga teacher once quoted that yoga is 99% practice and 1% theory. To get along with yoga and efficiently find a physical and mental balance, you’ll definitely need to get into training. The best app to tell you how to execute yoga techniques effectively is the app developed by

The Studio mobile app has 289 different poses and breathing exercises and 37 pre-installed yoga programs.  For each posture and breathing exercise, the app features pre-loaded HD demonstrative videos. Poses also have 3D muscle images. Programs are designed to match both beginners and experienced people in yoga.
Price: Free+

Yoga Studio

Yoga Studio is a premium yoga app for Android that does not offer any of its guides and yoga plans for free. Fortunately, the app is pretty cheap. Pricing begins at just $1.99 a month (you won’t be seeing any ads, and that totally worths it) and a two-week free trial to become familiar with what this app stands for.

The Yoga Studio meditation app features 70 unique yoga and meditation classes in HD videos with new courses added regularly. The app has yoga and meditation classes for beginners, runners, relaxation and for back pain relief amongst others. The duration of these yoga programs vary from 5minutes to an hour long, and you can browse from over 280 different yoga poses that are shown in vivid photos and have their respective descriptions and guide.

Yoga Studio: Poses & Classes
Yoga Studio: Poses & Classes

Pocket Yoga

Pocket Yoga is yet another subscription-only yoga application that is said to be one of the top beauty apps of now. This app comes with over two hundred different yoga poses that are illustrated by vivid images telling correct posture and alignment, the description for each pose shows mental and physical benefits their practicing provides. There also is voice instruction for each pose. It also has 27 yoga sessions varying by level and duration that are shown in HD videos.

Pocket Yoga
Pocket Yoga
Developer: Rainfrog, LLC
Price: $2.99+

Global Yoga Academy

Global Yoga Academy is another top-notch application you can choose for yoga. Furthermore, the app is available for free, and it gives away over than 200 poses that are illustrated with photos, guidance, and description and also many yoga courses leveled for the beginner, moderate, and advanced people that do yoga. A community featured embedded in the app lets you ask for advising and interact with other Yoga Academy users. Upon accomplishing goals and leveling up, the app will award you with badges and motivate you to go further into living a healthier and happier life.

Global Yoga Academy
Global Yoga Academy

5 Minute Yoga

5 Minute Yoga
The 5 Minute Yoga, as its name says, is a yoga app for those that want to have some sort of yoga in their life but are not willing to embrace it as a whole. The app comes with many sessions and poses that when completed are meant not to last more than five minutes. Everyone can find five minutes from their day to do some yoga and relax, if you’re too much of a busy person but want to add some yoga to your day, and this might be the app you need to have on your phone.

5 Minute Yoga
5 Minute Yoga
Price: Free+

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