Best back pain relief apps for Android and iPhone

Chronic back pain affects millions of people around the globe. Pain management is the buzz phrase that covers a wide range of treatments to help relieve or eliminate back pain.

If you suffer from chronic back pain, there are some things you can do to alleviate your pain like making sure your bed isn’t too soft, simple exercises, stretches, yoga, and you can also change your posture to get the kinks out.

The only problem is that you need to remember to take care of your back throughout the day. If you sit a lot or you’re on your feet a lot, you’ll need reminders to take time out for your back to relieve your aches and pains.

There’s an app for that. Actually, there are several health apps to help you with back pain management. With only your iOS or Android smartphone or tablet, you can track, monitor, and get reminders for taking care of your back. It’s an efficient and convenient way to manage your back pain.

Since you are like most of us, you probably use your phone for virtually everything, why not let it help you relieve your back pain? As you may well know, these apps are nothing close to replacing your doctor but rather reminders that will advise you to take some time off to rest or calculators that estimate how much pressure your lower back is taking during your daily activities. With that said, here are some of the best apps for mobile you can download to help lessen back pain.

Manage My Pain Lite

Manage My Pain Lite is compatible only with phones running Android and unfortunately is not available for iPhone. This app is designed to help you track chronic pain with personalized worksheets. Feedback from regular users says that it is an excellent app for getting detailed back pain tracking that they can show their doctor and insurance companies that they are monitoring their chronic pain. Your personal data that you enter into the app also helps you be aware of your condition via charts, graphs, calendars, and statistics.

Manage My Pain
Manage My Pain
Developer: ManagingLife, Inc.
Price: Free

My Pain Diary

My Pain Diary is a popular pain management app used for tracking your pain symptoms and to uncover triggers and patterns that make your back pain worse or better. In 2012, My Pain Diary won a Web Healthy award. This app is on iOS/iPhone devices only and not for Android. This app provides prompts for you, so you can record information about your pain like what triggered it, where it hurts, and what kind of pain it is. It maintains a history of the data you enter and provides a graph to identify patterns.

Download My Pain Diary app for Android / iPhone

Web MD Pain Coach

WebMD health app

The WebMD Pain Coach app is available from its website and has compatible apps for Android and Apple devices. This free app also helps to track your pain and identifies what triggers it. This is the kind of information you need to better manage your back pain, but it also helps you work with your doctor to find back pain management solutions customized to your needs. Since back pain often comes and goes, it’s difficult to track without a way to record where, when, how, and what, especially if your pain is something you have every day.

Download WebMD pain coach app for Android / iPhone

Chronic Pain Tracker

Chronic Pain Tracker offers a free and a pro app for iOS devices only.  You can keep a diary of your pain intensity, triggers, duration, and 16 more categories. You can export the data you retrieve and save it as a .pdf file so you can give a copy to your doctor. Your doctor can then help you with your back pain management treatment plan. The free Lite version is fully functional and offers useful tools, though the Pro version allows for unlimited diary entries.


TracknShare is available for iOS devices only and not only helps you with tracking and managing your back pain, but also with making lifestyle changes that will help you for the long term. It goes beyond tracking and recording your back pain with ways to track your sleep, exercise, and waste elimination patterns. You get to choose when and how you want to track your habits.


Lumo Back app for posture

LUMOback is a free iOS app that helps you improve your posture, which helps alleviate back pain. It can detect when you slouch and give you a little alert by vibrating so you will know to correct your posture. It also acts as a basic record for the time you spend sitting, sleeping, running, standing, and walking.

Healthy Spine and Straight Posture

Healthy Spine and Straight Posture mobile app

Healthy Spine and Straight Posture is an Android-only app with a self-explanatory name. It helps you to become more flexible, achieve good posture, and care for your spine through exercises that strengthen the back muscles, so they support posture correction. It features 40 exercises you can do at home with videos to show you how to perform them properly. It also tracks your results.

Straight Posture-Back exercise
Straight Posture-Back exercise


Backache mobile app for back pain relief

Backache is an app designed for the iOS platform, and it promotes good posture to help you avoid the issues that occur due to sitting for long periods of time. The app alerts you to take small breaks after you’ve been sitting for a long time. It also features exercises you can do during this short breaks that help stretch your muscles, stimulate your nerves, ease tension in your body, and optimize circulation. 30 total exercises, prescribed by a certified physiotherapist, are included along with videos to show you how to do them.

Developer: Mark Crooks
Price: $3.99

Posture – be mindful everyday

Posture mobile app

Posture is a free posture helper app that requires no external wearables to function. Users like that it reminds them to straighten up and how it trains them to correct their posture. Good posture takes pressure off your neck and back to relieve back pain and a variety of other aches and pains. Good posture is healthy for you. This app is developed by PressureLabs and is available only for Android.

Posture -  be mindful everyday
Posture -  be mindful everyday

Acupressure Against Back Pain

Acupressure is designed to help relieve pain in your spine from the neck, chest, lower back, from sitting, and other back pain. It’s specifically focused on back pain, which is why it’s on this best apps for back pain guide. The way this app recommends pain relief is by applying pressure and massaging on particular massage points inspired by Traditional Chinese acupressure.

Download acupressure app for Android / iPhone

Smiling Mind

Smiling Mind, an app with a focus on meditation. While its primary purpose is to help young people cope with anxiety, depression, and stress, it’s also excellent for chronic pain relief. It’s that mind over matter concept that makes mediation work so well. This app is available for both iOS and Android devices.

Download Smiling Mind app for Android / Android

iREHAB Back Pain

iREHAB back pain app

iREHAB Back Pain is a free iOS app, as the name implies, designed to promote the treatment and prevention of lower back pain. You will answer a series of questions so the app can evaluate your level of pain then generates the appropriate workouts to treat your pain.

‎Back Pain Relief Exercises
‎Back Pain Relief Exercises
Price: Free+

6 Minute Back Pain Relief

6 Minute Back Pain Relief app

6 Minute Back Pain Relief, an Android and iPhone app, provides a workout program that is scientifically/medically proven to aid with chronic back pain. It made the best apps for back pain because it’s designed specifically to prevent the issues that cause your pain. It features stretches, yoga poses, and exercises that come highly recommended by top physiotherapists. These workouts are easy to do and can be done anywhere without equipment.

Download 6 Minute Back Pain Relief app for Android / iPhone

Healthy Back Workouts

Healthy Back Workouts is available on iOS, Android, and Amazon devices. It’s pretty popular and is a great value at $1.99 each. There are three apps in the series that include Neck & Upper Back, Posture & Lower Back, and Strong Spine & Core. A chiropractor authored this app, and the workouts are grouped by beginner, intermediate, advanced, and by muscle area. It’s unique and full of step-by-step images and easy workouts.

Download Healthy Back Workouts app for iPhone / iPhone


This is another a free Android app that helps you achieve diaphragmatic breathing, which is proper breathing, to relax and relieve anxiety, but it also reduces pain. This kind of breathing exercise helps the muscles relax, and promotes back pain relief.

Download Breathe2Relax app for iPhone / iPhone

Daily Yoga – Yoga Fitness Plan

This yoga app for Apple and Android devices is designed to encourage a healthy yoga routine for you. It’s great for beginners, and it focuses on strengthening the muscles and joints, along with mindful meditation to help with back pain.

Download Daily Yoga app for iPhone / iPhone

Back Pain Tips

Back Pain Tips

Back Pain Tips is an Android app that features yoga as a back pain management program. It focuses on the prevention and treatment of upper to lower back pain. It only takes these five, featured yoga poses to help ease back pain.

Back Pain Tips
Back Pain Tips
Developer: Dishoom Dishoom
Price: Free


If you suffer from chronic back pain and use your smartphone a lot, these best apps for back pain will benefit you. You should try these 18 best apps for back pain to determine which ones work best for you. While these apps aren’t intended to replace medical treatments, they are mostly designed by medical professionals. Check with your doctor before starting any new exercise or yoga program, especially if you suffer from chronic back pain.

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