iNew H-One smartwatch launches as a budget health tracking wearable

iNew H-One smart watch

iNew has debuted its very first wearable, a budget smartwatch coming branded as the iNew H-One and featuring advanced health monitoring sensors. The wearable device by iNew tags a very tight pricing of just $83.99 and looks to be a major competition to the current watches that tag similar pricing.

TheĀ  H-One watch comes sporting a very classic design, if you don’t see the digital display, you’d be thinking that it is an old-fashioned analog wristwatch. As classic items never go outdated, the same can be said for the iNew’s first smartwatch.

This health-oriented watch by iNew comes sporting a stainless steel body material with a touch-enabled display panel measuring 1.54-inch and resolution of 240 x 240 pixels. Its heart-rate monitor sensor is placed on the back side (every smartwatch has that sensor in the very same place, this sensor also can measure the blood pressure). iNew designed its wearable as a smartwatch for iPhone that pairs with Android devices as well. The app connects the watch to your phone via Bluetooth 4.0 technology.

iNew H-One smart watch back design

The mobile app lets you add up to six different persons to track heart rate (the entire family can store their heart rate data, and unless you purchase an iNew H-One unit per each family member, you’ll have to wear it in turns), track your activity, calories, and set up fitness goals. The entire health monitoring features of the iNew H-One are based on tracking your heart rate and blood pressure.

iNew watch gets powered by a 220 mAh battery with a lifetime of up to 72 hours in standby mode (expect 12 hours of battery time in mixed use) with USB charging support. As an additional feature, the watch is IP65 certified for waterproof capabilities and supports social media syncing and notifications.

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