HTC accidentally exposes Vive smartphone with dual cameras

HTC Vive smartphone

It doesn’t happen often for phone developer companies to voluntarily expose their upcoming Android handsets for hi-res photography. They attend to hide the information about future products allowing the element of surprise to have an impact on debut. But today, HTC released a promotional video where a Vive-branded smartphone appears with a dual camera setup. The new handset was firstly spotted by leaker Evan Blass.

HTC hasn’t used the Vive branding for mobile phones by far, actually, the HTC Vive is the company’s virtual reality initiative announced last year. What the Vive branding on an HTC smartphone tells us is that the upcoming phone will be accompanied by the Vive virtual reality goggle.

HTC’s promotional video says that phone companies are making the thinnest most powerful devices but they fail to emotionally connect with the people that buy them. HTC also exposes company’s laboratory where the company experiments with design and colors, as video continues there appears an HTC Vive smartphone with two cameras on the rear placed horizontally. The horizontal dual-camera setup is a trending feature used by Apple on iPhone 7 Plus and it was also copied by ZTE on its ZenFone 3 Zoom.

Except for a flashy image that appears at the end of a promotional video, we know almost nothing about the HTC’s Vive-branded smartphone. But guessing that it will support virtual reality, the handset will have to bear a high-resolution display, chances of it having a 2K screen are high. HTC claims that it is working on revolutionizing the mobile industry and make phone owners emotionally connect with their devices.


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