Kids tablets: Best tablets for kids with access to educational content, games and movies

Kids love to play with electronics, and phones make no exception. Actually, if you happen to have kids of your own or a younger brother and sister, you do know that they know how to deal with them.  Like, in case you lend a phone to a child, and after some time you’ll find a bunch of kids’ games you didn’t know existed installed on your device. It happens quite often. The children don’t need much help to find their way of navigating in the smartphone universe.

Tablets are very similar to smart mobile phones. They can be labeled as large phones, as they can do everything a phone can do. The thing is, with a premium tablet on hands a child may be over the moon, but the same thing can not be said for the tablet. Tablets are large, slim, slippery, and very fragile, and kids just happen not to be very careful with what they’re doing.

Giving your iPad to your kid is not recommended not only because it might get broken. The best tablets around might have the best cameras, fastest processors, brightest screens, and a lot of free storage, but what they don’t have is a kid-friendly design. While with a special case you can turn any iPad into an iPad for kids on the outer side, its software will remain intact. That means a child using it may find themselves viewing inappropriate content, from video games and dating apps to god know what.

If you’re considering to buy your child a tablet, the best thing you could do is to capitalize on kids tablets line of designs.

The best tablet for a child will always depend on their age. Just like with toys. Toys for kids are made with age ranges, kids at the age of 10 may not enjoy playing with building blocks as much as with robots. The same is worth for tablets, a young boy or girl at the age of three to six will find a LeapFrog or VTech tablet for young kids excellent while their counterparts of some years older may not appreciate such “toddlers tablet.”

Kid-friendly tablet designs differ from their standard edition counterparts. They access a filtered version of the Internet via a customized browser and are designed not to allow children from viewing content that is not appropriate for them. They also feature rugged materials to keep devices out of harm’s way and in most cases have a package of educational content for kiddies that include books, movies, cartoons, applications, and videos. They also offer some sort of parental control and control over what the children are allowed to access. Almost none of these feature supports can be found on standard tablets for the adults.

Convinced that a tablet would be a sublime accessory for your child? Here are the best tablet choices for kids you can pick from.

Amazon Fire HD 10 Kids Edition

Amazon Fire HD 10 Kids Edition tablet

The Amazon Fire Kids tablet design is in its seventh year of success. The Fire Kids edition tablets come in models of 7-inch, 8-inch, and 10.1-inch. The Fire HD 10 is the largest of its siblings and without a doubt the best kids learning tablet out there. Its large display combined with a physical wireless keyboard as an accessory can quickly turn it into a realistic laptop for children.

The Fire HD 10 Kids Edition is the largest and fastest tablet for kids Amazon has made by far. It sports a fancy kid-proof design to survive undamaged when toyed with it. The device gets its power from a 1.8GHz quad-core processor with two gigs of RAM and 32GB of memory. If you need more, you can insert a microSD card of up to 256GB on it and download all the apps and games you want. There are two cameras on both sides of selfie-snapping and video recording.

With Fire HD 10 Kids tablet comes with a year free subscription to Amazon FreeTime Unlimited. This all-in-one fun plan gives kids access to over than 15,000 books, apps, games, videos, and other educational content from PBS Kids, Disney, Nickelodeon and more.

This universe of content for children only provided by Amazon is separated into three major categories, and it consists of suitable content for the children of ages three to five, six to eight, and nine to eleven. The good news is that you can subscribe to Amazon FreeTime Unlimited package to have everything your child needs to watch without necessarily having to buy an Amazon tablet for kids. The available content can be accessed via any Android or iOS device.

To make sure that your younger one doesn’t spend all of their time watching cartoons on Netflix or playing Minecraft, Amazon equipped the Fire HD 10 with device controller for parents. Accessible to parents only, the Amazon Parent Dashboard allows the parents to manage their child’s device on every level. It enables content filtering that is suitable for children of a particular age, create daily goals and schedule how much time your kiddie can spend on reading books and watching movies, make the tablet turn off at the bedtime and other things. These are the primary reasons why any normal tablet isn’t great for the children. Parents will have no idea what their child is doing.

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KD Interactive Kurio Smart

Kurio Smart by KD Interactive 2-in-1 android tablet and laptop for kids

KD Interactive and Kurio have a series of Android tablets for kids. But its elite device runs the Windows OS, features the seventh generation of Intel graphics processor, a quad-core Intel CPU with one gig of RAM and 32GB of expandable memory. It is called Kurio Smart and is a convertible tablet that can smoothly turn its self into a nice-looking and feature-rich laptop for kids.

Sporting an 8.9-inch HD screen and a detachable fancy keyboard, there’s nothing to make this device different from an ordinary tablet. It actually runs on the same operating system as most of the laptop computers around. It comes with a series of pre-loaded applications for children and young students that will help them with the homework and entertain them with games and movies. There even is an application for health that turns this device into a fitness tracking device for kids, it revolves around a series of body-controlled games that will demand from little ones to start running, jumping, and dancing.

Parental control is provided by utilizing Microsoft’s Family Safety system. It grants the needed on-device access for parents to monitor and determine the websites, games, and movies their child can play and set time limits for them.

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Amazon Fire HD 8 Kids Edition

Amazon Fire HD 8 Kids Edition tablet

The HD 8 Kids Edition is the best 8-inch tablet a youngster can get and second-best Amazon kids tablet. It is almost as robust as the HD 10 and shares its memory specs with 32GB on board and support for an additional 32GB of memory via a microSD card. Just like it, it comes in blue color with kid-proof durable cases coming in blue, pink, and yellow models.

Entertainment and learning are covered by the FreeTime Unlimited subscription which is for free for the first year and offers access to over than fifteen thousand of applications, games, and film content. Accessing those and time spent on each of them is always under the supervision of the parents via the Parent Dashboard function. Surprisingly, the HD 8 will further with a single charge than the HD 10, their battery life when used moderately is 12 hours and 10 hours respectively.

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LeapFrog Epic Academy Edition

LeapFrog Epic Academy Edition tablet for kids

LeapFrog is a company that’s entirely invested in innovative solutions that encourage learning and curiosity in the children throughout their childhood journey. LeapFrog has in its inventory a series of different gadgets for kids. Learning tablets, a learning system that helps toddlers speak and also turns book characters into 3D animations called LeapStart, educational applications and games, even one of the top smartwatches for children holds the LeapFrog name.

The LeapFrog Epic is designed to be suitable for juveniles of ages three to nine. As far as children are concerned, it has killer specs. A dual-camera setup, 16GB of memory that supports expansion by an addition of 32GB via a microSD, and features WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity. On top of that, there’s a 7-inch capacitive touchscreen display panel that’s protected by a durable casing.

This top-notch kids tablet with WiFi comes pre-loaded with a bunch of pre-loaded educator-approved ebooks, game, and apps. If those are not enough, LeapFrog has a marketplace of over than 1000 different applications waiting to be installed. Each device has a virtual world of its own where a young man or lady can watch their unique character grow and develop skills together every day. The unique, LeapFrog Just for Me technology maintains a record of the owner’s age, interests, and other types of important information to display custom challenges, videos, and games.

There also is a parent control function for parental supervision and usage restrictions.

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Nabi Elev-8

Nabi Elev-8 tablet for kids

Elev-8 is the leading tablet computer for kids made by Nabi Tablet. Featuring an eight-inch display panel on top of an elegant display that makes it look like a child’s iPad. Nabi named this device Elev Eight because everything in it is elevated. There’s an octa-core processor with one gig of RAM and 32GB of onboard memory powering this device, on top of that, you can add an additional storage of 32GB.

This Nabi tablet for kids could be the tablet for children with the best camera. Its 2MP front-facing snapper shoots videos at HD resolution while the rear unit can record FHD videos at a resolution of 1080p. Tablets aren’t known to have great cameras, and that’s one of the main reasons why people would rather not buy a tablet.

Elev 8 tablet sells pre-loaded with Nabi’s exceptional adaptive learning system, Wings. The Nabi Wings learning system features over than 300,000 questions related to math, reading, writing, and other grade-based assessments. From quizzes to video-based tutorials, Wings is designed to become a friend in learning for pre-kindergarten kids until they pass sixth grade. While a child grows, learns and passes from one grade to another, the kids’ Nabi tablet will be part of the voyage and always ask questions and display educational content that’s relevant to that child’s school learnings.

The Nabi Elevate tablet appreciates your child’s time and doesn’t recommend it to be spent playing video games. It has its own fancy way to tell kids when is time to learn, play, run, or sleep. The way it does it by displaying a variety of different animated characters. Its built-in reward system will also provide more minutes of play if you spend more time viewing any of the 16,000 lessons. Parents can also set a time limit on particular and a select number of apps when necessary.

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LeapFrog LeapPad Ultimate

LeapFrog LeapBand Ultimate tablet for kids

The LeapPad Ultimate on its debut was the ultimate tablet for kids, and although it now might not rank as a hi-end device, it still packs a big punch with its features. It sports a 7-inch panel, has eight gigs of built-in memory, and features a dual setup of two 2MP cameras on its both sides. It doesn’t have sufficient storage to install third-party apps and games, but it makes an excellent educational handset for pre-kindergarten children.

The tablet comes with a series of pre-installed applications that involve quizzes, basic science lessons, and are intended to help youngsters read fluently and burst their creativity. Company’s authentic personalized learning technology Just for Me is also supported, and it involves challenging young adults with questions that are based on their curricular progress and learning levels. LeapPad Ultimate by LeapFrog also allows parents to remotely control and schedule how much time their toddler spends on playing games, reading books, answering quizzes and more.

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Samsung Galaxy Kids Tablet 7.0 – The Lego Ninjago Movie Edition

Samsung Galaxy Kids Tablet 7.0: The Lego Ninjago Movie Edition

Samsung has its line of Galaxy tablet for kids. The best of it, at this time, is the Galaxy Kids 7.0 Lego Ninjago movie edition. It comes with adjustable character pieces from the Lego Ninjago movie series that can be placed everywhere on the back side of the device to play a decorative purpose.

This Samsung kids tablet features a 7-inch display, a single 2MP camera (the dual-cam Galaxy Tab 3 kids can shoot better pics and videos, find it on Amazon if photography is appealing to you) eight gigs of expandable memory (up to 32GB), a kid-proof casing, and WiFi connectivity support.

The educational content provided by Samsung comes in the form of the Samsung Kids app that is free for the first month. There are over than a thousand different movies, games, and applications that will keep children entertained and at the same time help them learn how to read, maths, and more. Parents can always maintain and limit content access and time spent playing with the tablet.

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Kurio Xtreme 2

Kurio Xtreme 2 by KD Interactive tablet for kids

The second generation of Kurio Xtreme tablet by KD Interactive is a thing of beauty. The Xtreme 2 boasts a 7-inch five-point touchscreen display, features 16GB of built-in memory that can be further expanded with up to 32GB more via a microSD card, two cameras, and the Kurio stand for the children to truly enjoy watching movies.

The Kurio Xtreme 2 sells with a collection pre-installed favorite games like Fruit Ninja, Subway Surfers, Jetpack Joyride, over than 150 ebooks, a six-month subscription on Kid-Safe email and social networking apps, and the Kidoz web-store where KD Interactive has its curated kid-friendly content marketplace. There are around 60 different applications that are loaded into the device.

Kurio’s Xtreme app management system allows the parents to sync up to eight different profiles and manage all of their content accessibility and usage time. The browser that comes with the tablet has access to over than 450 million websites that have content suitable for the minors.

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Amazon Fire 7 Kids Edition

Amazon Fire 7 Kids Edition tablet

Seven years ago, Amazon introduced the first 7-inch Kindle Fire tablet with a kid-friendly design. Although the device has been updated over than seven times since then, the Fire 7 Kids Edition keeps Amazon’s 7-inch design of tablets for kids alive. Disregarding the smaller size, the Amazon Fire 7 kids tablet offers the same performance as that found in its 8-inch and 10-inch larger siblings.

It has 16 gigs of built-in storage with microSD support of up to 256GB, has a dual camera setup with the rear unit being capable of recording HD videos at 729p resolution, and also sells with a one-year free subscription on FreeTime Unlimited package of kid-oriented content.

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Dragon Touch K8

Dragon Touch K8 tablet for kids

Dragon Touch is a well-known designer and manufacturer of alternative and cheap tablets, quadcopters, and other electronics. The US-based company has a particular label of electronics aimed to be appealing to the children, with its tablet line of devices being the most popular one. The k8, an 8-inch HD cheap tablet for kids packs two gigs of RAM, 16 gigs of free flash memory, runs on Android 6 and comes with a detachable kickstand and a stylus pen.

Along with the Dragon Touch tablet, kids receive a collection of twenty Disney-story ebooks, four audiobooks, and access to the world’s most extensive network for children, Kidoz. Similarly to every other kids’ tablet that found its way out to this roundup, parents can remotely control and monitor their child’s activity and restrict or release content for them.

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