How to fix Downloading Service Disabled on Meizu devices

Meizu M2 Mini



Meizu’s quality affordable China phones are pretty popular and sell big there is a high number of resellers selling them to the western countries via their online retailing shops. These resellers, believing that will make phones more usable for the westerns attend to remove some Chinese Flyme apps, and by mistake, they cause dysfunctions on the devices.

One of the most well-known issue users face with such devices is related to the Google Play Store and downloading services. Because the resellers played with the Flyme OS users cannot install any app on the brand new Meizu phone (installing apps from Google Play keeps lagging on “downloading” status). By going to Downloading folder and trying to edit its settings or directly downloading a file via a download link, you’ll see the error message described as “Downloading Service Disabled.”

To fix this issue is very easy (and no, it does not mean that your phone is fake), all you have to do is upgrade the firmware of your phone. You can find the Meizu firmware’s here.

Because your phone¬†disallows you from downloading any files, you’ll need the help of a PC to install the firmware and after that by pairing your phone with the computer device transfer it to the Download folder or any other folder.

To upgrade your Meizu phone with the latest firmware are two ways:

Automated Upgrade

Go to Tools folder and open the Documents app

Upgrade Meizu Phone

Go to Download folder and find the or Update.bin file which you previously transferred into your phone’s storage.

Upgrade Meizu phone

Tap on the Update file and a pop-up to upgrade your system will appear. Select the “Clear user data” and click on reboot.

Manual upgrade

After transferring the latest firmware to your phone’s storage go to the Documents folder and find the Update file. Click on the dot in the right side of the file then click the Move command below it. This will send the file to the root directory.

Upgrade Meizu phone

Now shut down your phone and then press the Volume up and Power button at the same time to go to the system recovery. After that select Clear user data and upgrade your phone.


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