ZTE will be launching its first phone with curved screen very soon

ZTE phone with curved screen

There have been a lot of rumors claiming that ZTE is working on developing its first 5G mobile phone featuring a curved design. The rumors date since April of 2013 where was said that ZTE Nubia Z9 would be a Galaxy S6 Edge replica, continued with Nubia Z11 and kinda paused during Q3 of 2016. But now in the early days of 2017, the claims about a curved edge ZTE phone have made a cameo. And similarly to previous times, it is again about a leaked render, but this time a ZTE official has distributed it.

A suspicious image has been launched by ZTE’s marketing director Lu Qian Hao on his Weibo weblog on December 31 where he says goodbye to 2016 and wishes a happy “boundless” new year. Appears that the company’s official is signaling to its competitors an arms race and a smartphone evolution overtaking.

The render Lu Qian Hao clearly displays a close photo shoot of a smartphone featuring a curved display. Despite this render and ZTE’s marketing director suspicious blog post during the new year, nothing is known about the handset, but what can be told for sure is that ZTE is seriously considering to launch a phone with a curved screen in 2017.

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