Samsung Galaxy S8 may not be the hottest MWC 2017 launch

Barcelona’s annual Mobile World Congress (MWC) phone show is coming, and the audience is captured mostly by one single mobile phone that’s expecting introduction. And that is the face of Samsung for 2017, Galaxy S8.

Samsung Galaxy S8, scheduled for official announcement on February 29 will be a hell of a smartphone. It is expected to launch without a flat screen version but instead, will have both models cellphones with dual curved edge design. Despite downing its competitors regarding hi-end mobile phones, Samsung will also be pointing an eye on tablet computers; the S8 will be having an expanded phablet size of 6.2-inch. And a tablet-like phone with the futuristic technology of Samsung will surely make none want any other device but it.

But for the surprise of anyone that believes in MWC 2017 being just the place where Samsung makes history, I am afraid of having some bad news. There is another phone as futuristic as the Samsung flagship, and regarding display, it might be just better. While you might be thinking, what’s in this guy’s mind? LG’s G6 and its all-touchscreen display hasn’t impressed me yet, and it even runs last year’s Snapdragon 821 chipset. Who would put a Snapdragon 821-powered phone before Samsung’s powerhouse with the latest and fastest Snapdragon 835 processor, all-curved display, unlimited storage, excellent cameras, and a personal virtual assistant? Maybe none, but the thing is, I am not talking about LG G6 at all. It will be one of the best phones at the show, but there’s one other that goes head-to-head with the Galaxy S8 in terms of implemented futuristic technologies.

Partially why you wouldn’t easily guess this phone’s name is that it won’t come from a fancy company as you’d expect. Not enough fancied in the western market at least. The device that might steal Galaxy S8’s place as the biggest surprise phone of this year’s MWC is made by the Chinese phone maker Meizu and will be called Meizu Pro 7.

By far, the only way to compete a Samsung flagship in the western market is to have it run a different type of operating platform. Apple does it very well actually. But there’re no better Android phones but Samsung. Apparently, Meizu will not be outsourcing the Galaxy S8 in the features and specs, but it may conquer its impact with alternative technology and features (I hope you don’t hate the alternative word in general nowadays.

Meizu will be launching its best phone yet in Barcelona during the last days of this February. The upcoming Meizu flagship will not be better than Galaxy S8 but based on rumors of it having a curved edge design similar to the Samsung phone. It may be the best cheap alternative to Samsung Galaxy S8 that will sport even a better screen resolution of Quad-HD. A whooping of a 4K display will be landed to Meizu’s Pro 7 topped by a durable titanium design. And yet, its most expensive version will cost half of that of Galaxy S8, just $550.

Meizu Pro 7 has all the chances of taking a large quantity from Samsung’s spot in Barcelona. Their flagship will not be sporting the top-notch Snapdragon 835 chipset but will have a less-powerful MediaTek unit (Helio X30) with up to 8GB of RAM and 128GB of expandable internal storage. All those topped by new Flyme user interface based on Android 7.0 Nougat.

The Pro 7 phone by Meizu will be coming in 5.7-inch of size and have a display resolution of 3840 x 2160 pixel (Sony brought the 4K screen resolution in a mobile phone with Xperia Z5 Premium back in 2015, but this is a topic for another day) and also lack little in the photography terms. Its 12MP Sony IMX362 PDAF camera (debuted by Vivo Xplay 6) with 4K video recording support and a minimum full-HD selfie camera have got your back.

As is clearly visible, Meizu is the second on two major factors that determine a mobile phone. Outlook and photography, but what lacks in innovative Meizu compensate with pricing. Meizu’s Pro 7 with a curved display and 8GB of RAM will be 50% cheaper than Samsung Galaxy S8, and that’s something Samsung can do little about.

Most of the Meizu Pro 7 specifications and features are already made publicly available, but what remains to be anonymous is the featuring of a curved edge screen design. And if Meizu aims at making a historic debut at the MWC, a curved Meizu Pro 7 phone can provide.

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